Nippon Dragon’s Thermal Fragmentation Technology to (Finally) Modernize the Mining Sector

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Mining has been - and continues to be - a dangerous job. Very little has changed in the mining process since the invention and use of explosives, a method that wreaks havoc on the environment, slows productivity, and puts employees at risk. Despite the many technological advancements, particularly those that limit environmental effects, that have impacted an innumerable number of business sectors, mining remains, for the most part, unchanged. Nippon Dragon Resources Inc. (TSXV: NIP – OTCQB: RCCMF), active junior mining company, is looking to change that by making the mining process part of the green revolution.

Nippon Dragon Resources is a hybrid mining and technology company that’s active in the exploration and development of gold resources in Quebec. The company’s flagship gold property Rocmec 1, located in Quebec, includes a 100 meter deep two-compartment shaft, and an 844 meters decline, allowing access to four levels (50, 90, 110 and 130 meters). The latest NI43-101 report states gold resources of 125,000 gold ounces in measured/indicated and 360,000 gold ounces of inferred resources. Along with their gold mining project, Nippon is on the verge of revolutionizing the mining industry with their innovative mining technology, Thermal Fragmentation.

Game-Changing Mining Technology

Drill and blast mining, the conventional mining method, has been used for centuries. Other methods, such as shrinkage or long hole, are either labor intensive or present significant dilution issues. Thermal Fragmentation, an exclusive and patented mining method developed by Donald Brisebois, Nippon’s current President& CEO, is a mining method that uses heat to ‘spall’ high-grade veins, greatly reducing the use of explosives. Only extracting the mineralised ore with minimal dilution, this method alleviates a number of stresses, both environmental and financial. Using Nippon’s Thermal Fragmentation method, having several additional applications within the mining and construction industries, has the potential to reduce waste, use less chemicals, and make fewer alterations to the terrain.

“We have a huge positive impact on the environment, because we significantly reduce dilution” said Jean-Yves Therien, Nippon’s Vice-President of Business Development. “With less impact on the environment, the entire mining process becomes more streamlined. The amount of manpower needed is reduced, no need for a primary crusher and so on. “Because we reduce dilution you truck less, you treat less and you dispose less,” said Therien.

The World Takes Notice in 2015

Over the past year, Nippon has garnered international attention. Operational highlights for the company include:

  • Successfully conducting three surface demonstrations in Japan to showcase their exclusive and patented Thermal Fragmentation technology.
  • NDR Japan, Nippon’s Japanese distributor is currently in discussions with two major construction companies.
  • Successfully implementing its Thermal Fragmentation mining method in Australia.
  • Ratifying its exclusive agreement with mining contractor, Don Bourgeois and Sons Inc. for usage and distribution of Nippon’s exclusive and patented Thermal Fragmentation mining method in Canada.
  • MaXem Holdings, Nippon’s South African distributor completed modifications to three thermal units required to accommodate and facilitate access to narrow drifts that are very common and widespread in South Africa.
  • The company signs an exclusive distribution agreement with SAFESCAPE for its patented Thermal Fragmentation mining method in various contracts and mining operations throughout the Countries of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines

Furthermore, the company partnered with IBM (IBM) to develop a cloud-based information acquisition system, working along with the Thermal Fragmentation technology that would allow Nippon to collect data from thermal sensors on the Thermal Fragmentation units. The concept of an ‘Intelligent Mine’ minimizes its impact on the environment while optimizing operations, reducing mining costs, increasing productivity, and providing safer working conditions through automation. This collaboration between Nippon and IBM is positioned to make this concept a reality.

"We are extremely pleased by the interest demonstrated by IBM in working with us to develop the concept of the ‘Intelligent Mine’,” said President and CEO André Savard. “Mines need to increase automation in order to optimize operations and significantly reduce overall mining costs, increase productivity, provide safer working conditions all while minimizing its impact on the environment and our mining method meets and even exceeds all of the above-mentioned criteria."

An Industry Must-Have

Nippon’s exclusive technology, strategic partnerships and international praise aims to strengthen their position within the mining sector for 2016. The company’s mission of achieving selective mining with their Thermal Fragmentation process is the long-awaited green solution that is aimed to not only become a necessity to the modern mining sector, but to also modernize the industry by making it safer, efficient and less environmentally impactful.

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