Tuesday Morning Things To Know

Stephen L Kanaval |

More Ecoli cases at Chipotle. The stock is falling this morning for Chipotle after more Ecoli cases in Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Dakota. The stock has tumbled 18% since reports of the outbreak. J.P. Morgan downgraded the stock on Tuesday with an EPS now at $14 per share.

Suicide attack in Afghanistan kills six. During a patrol near Bagram airbase, a suicide bomber on a motorbike attacked a joint convoy. The Taliban have taken credit for the attack. Monday’s attack is the deadliest attack since August.

Kalobias fires Shkreli. Shkreli plead not guilty to fraud charges on Thursday last week and was released on $5 million bail. On Monday, Kalobias terminated him as CEO and he resigned from the board. Shkreli’s Twitter account was hacked over the weekend as well.

SpaceX launches and then lands rocket. In a historic mission, SpaceX launched their Falcon rocket off Cape Canaveral and then landed the booster on a concrete pad. This seems like the first step forMusk’s SpaceX to make space travel cheaper and friendlier to the environment. The booster is planned to be reused in upcoming launch missions.

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