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NanoSphere Health is Bringing their Patented CBD and THC Products to California’s Cannabis Market

NanoSphere Health Science Inc. NSHSF has been researching how to deliver nutrients through nano-encapsulation for more than 20 years.

Delivery platform technology is one of the most rapidly changing and revolutionary aspects taking shape within the cannabis industry. NanoSphere Health Science Inc. NSHSF NSH:CNX has been researching how to deliver nutrients through nano-encapsulation for more than 20 years. The technology works by nano-sized lipids enveloping cannabis extracts (wrapping them in Nanogels™) that can be delivered right to cannabinoid receptors within the body’s endocannabinoid system.

The NanoSphere System (Which is patent protected as a standardized delivery of cannabis into systemic circulation through phospholipid nanoparticle technology) can achieve first liver bypass and deliver solubilized, measured microliter doses directly to the bloodstream and across mucosal membranes. This technology has won the company numerous awards including the ACQ5 Global Award for Nano-Biotechnology and Innovative Company of the Year in Healthcare.

Through a number of licensing deals, NSHSF’s technology is demonstrable through the Evolve Formulas™ product line. The products have show increased surface area reach, reduced degradation, enhanced active agents and maximum bioavailability. The brand’s Transdermal NanoSerum is now stocked in over 200 dispensaries across Colorado and had 3,400 units sold in the month of June alone, which represented a 35% increase from the previous month. The serum – which has both a CBD and THC variety- is applicable for inflammation, stress and regular aches and pains. The product has been verified and tested during pharmokinetic blood studies.

Recently, NanoSphere has begun to roll out the Evolve brand into the California market. With a licensing deal with Vertical, the two companies will begin extraction retail operation to reach one of the largest markets in the world.

“We’re thrilled to break ground and enter the next phase of our partnership with industry leader Vertical by bringing our patented technology to the world’s largest legal cannabis market,” said Robert Sutton, Chairman and CEO of NSHSF and Evolve Formulas. “With California representing nearly a third of the North American cannabis market, the commencement of production in this powerhouse state marks an enormous step for the Evolve Formulas brand in our national expansion strategy. We are eager to soon share our cutting-edge solutions with a broad audience of consumers in California and beyond.”

Long-term outlook, NanoSphere projects sales to rise gradually increase from $1.3M to $79.5M in year five through an increase in product sales, the opening of more markets and additional licensing deals. The latter is what makes NSHSF so exciting is that their technology can be applied to a number of different elements that include cosmeceutical, dietary health and even animal products.

“NanoSphere Health Science’s tremendous growth is evident through boosted sales, the enthusiastic public reception of new Evolve Formulas products and acknowledgement of the unique science we bring to the world of nanotechnology and cannabis delivery. Our continued financial success is a reflection of our team’s dedication to vastly improving medical delivery across sectors,” Sutton concluded in a press release.

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