My Right to Die

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Robin Williams suicide was a tragic loss to his family, friends and the world of entertainment, but there are reports that he was diagnose with Parkinsons and obviously he was fighting addictions for years coupled with depression and a career that was falling.

Every day, hundreds of people take the permanent solution for their problems, but what about those who have weighed out options and feel that it is the best remedy for their problems? Maybe a right to die should be allowed. Assisted suicide should no longer be a taboo and the discussion needs to be held in a calm and understanding way.

Why Do people Commit Suicide?

Depression and Mental Illness.

Complex emotional and psychological disorders that science is still understanding. Manic depression is one of the most complex mental illnesses that is right on our door step. We all have friends, family co-workers who live in the vacuum of depression. Sometimes we don’t see it. Sometimes we don’t realize the gravity of the emotional pain that the person is suffering from.  

Go See a Doctor?

Many people are too proud or too scared to see a doctor about their issues. Taking and being dependent on medication is something that some people think is worse that the illness itself. Some people simply can't afford to take time of work and medical insurance can deny therapy in some cases.

Companies like AstraZeneca ($AZN) and Pfizer ($PFE) that produce drugs like Zoloft and Prozac are making billions on these treatments for depression, bi-polar disorder, and anxiety disorders. Insurance companies like Blue Cross / Blue Shield are getting rich and people are becoming addicted to these cures.


Drug addicts and Alcoholics are at great risk due to overdoses. For drug addicts there is no quality control for their fix of drugs on streets. They are the outcasts of society. The war on drugs needs to stop, it's a waste of time and resources, instead the government should be implementing more changes to assist addicts in getting off drugs by regulating and dispersing the drugs through clinics. This is a broad and controversial topic, I don’t expect doctors to have clinical grade meth on hand. But society itself should be more aware of this epidemic and the government should try methods that have worked elsewhere, like in Denmark.

Overdoses are categorized as death by misadventure. The list of stars, musicians, and celebrities who have died in recent years should demonstrate that addiction is not racist, or confined to one demographic.


Last year Tony Scott who directed Top Gun, “Days of Thunder” and Prometheus with brother Ridley Scott committed suicide after being diagnosed with Brain Cancer.

For any of us that have ever seen a loved one slip into dementia, Alzheimer’s, or suffer from cancer; for those that have been caregiver to someone who is dying and suffering everyday; we may understand as others do not.

If there was a case for assisted suicide, this is it. A psychological evaluation, medical examination, and discussions with family are needed, but I know that I would request assisted suicide rather than put my loved ones through hell while I become a burden. Dr. Kevorkian was a hero, he helped people who suffered and took no money for it.

Why Can’t I Choose to Die?

Why Should I work my whole life, save and build a financial nest egg for my children only to have a government decide that I should make my family suffer, spend all my savings on hospitals, medications and treatments and leave my children with nothing after they stood by me for years. To have my family watch this is not a kind or selfless act. To have them say after years of my own pain and their emotional pain “He has gone to a better place?”.

In Switzerland a controversial euthanasia system has been in around since 1942.  Maybe I should go there if I get diagnosed with a terminal illness, I believe that there is no moral dilemma, no religious argument:

Jesus said “no better loves does man have than to lay down his life for his friends” End of religious debate in my view.


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