Motorola Mobility Announces New Smartphone Line by October

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Speaking at the All Things D conference in Rancho Palos Verdes on Wednesday afternoon, Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside announced that the company would be releasing a totally revamped line of phones before the end of the year.

Motorola has seen its share of the mobile phone market decrease dramatically to about 3 percent in recent years, but was purchased last May by Google (GOOG). The tech giant, with its hold on over half of mobile advertising cash, as well as having the most popular mobile platform on the planet with its Android software, is only missing a phone to put the pieces together. Currently the company relies on its partnership with Samsung, whose extremely popular Galaxy phones run on Android.

The Moto X phone will be built in a new facility near Fort Worth, Texas, and though it will incorporate some Korean and Taiwanese components, will be 70 percent manufactured in the U.S.

Woodside stressed the role of sensors in the Moto X that will make the device highly aware of its environment and thus better able to adapt to the needs of the user. It will be Motorola’s first real product launch since being purchased by Google, and will be the centerpiece of an overhaul of the company’s current line.

Google’s interest in developing its own phone has been known since at least last year. Recently, Facebook (FB), who is expected to take home about a third of all mobile ad spending this year, unveiled its own phone in partnership with HTC. The device runs on Android-based software that completely orients the cell phone to a user’s Facebook account, and sales of the product have been disappointing so far.

Additionally, the Moto X will not be Android-based, which leaves a lot of room for speculation as to what both companies have in mind. Any successful attempt to wrest market share away from big and entrenched competitors like Apple (AAPL) and Samsung would likely be the result of either a long-term strategy, or a truly game-changing innovation.

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