Moseda Technologies Positioned to Compete in Multi-Billion Dollar Medical Monitoring Sector

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In entering a new era of quality patient care, health care monitoring has become a major business sector, totaling $65 billion in the United States and Canada. Advancements in technology are not only allowing precise monitoring capabilities in hospitals, but patients can now be monitored with the same care in their homes or within a preferred long-term care facility. The team at Moseda Technologies Inc ($MSD:CNX), a developer of innovative software applications specifically designed as secure mobile healthcare solutions, plans to position the company as a leader in the sector.

Moseda builds and maintains mobile secure data solutions for health care that allows patients to be monitored remotely. “Our solutions are used by nurses and doctors throughout North America to make care more efficient and secure,” said Nick Murray, CEO of Moseda. “This allows for reliable alert management, patient vitals monitoring, and care plan schedules to be followed, while keeping all stakeholders, including the patients’ families, all up to date on the patients’ health.”

The company’s primary focus is on the elderly market and chronic care management. While the company offers traditional vital monitoring, such as blood pressures and heart rate, their solutions also can monitor subtler, yet critical changes, like how thin one’s blood for chronic conditions such as stroke.

Focus on Profitability and Expansion in 2016

With customers currently in Canada and the US, the company expects profitability in 2016, has enough run rate for about 18 months and is focused on expansion through strategic partnerships. “I would say that partnerships on both sides of the border are going to be key,” said Murray. “Then, partnerships with strategic players in the market when it comes to either the pharmaceutical side or the patient side, those are going to be key on our growth trajectory. Andin the long run, patient numbers are really going to be key for our growth.”

In modern healthcare, technology removes communication barriers and automates daily manual tasks, allowing healthcare professionals the ability to communicate with their team, patients and family better, and to focus more attentively on managing the health of their patients. Moseda is looking to provide these capabilities to a bustling sector. Every day, 10,000 people in the US turn 65,” said Murray. “It is definitely a burgeoning market. We really do focus on the technology and enabling efficiencies. So, I am looking forward to competing in the market.”

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