Money Minimalism

Chip Corley  |

Each day is learning experience. I’ve tried to remain open, adaptive, flexible, willing, able, and teachable throughout my professional career. I now believe “minimalism” is essential to getting things right. I’ve grown to see up close and personal that “less is more.” It is my sense that “minimalism” is the key that opens the gateway to a better living. Minimalism is self-discovery. It isn’t cluttered with someone else’s manner or method. Minimalism clarifies and focuses one’s life. Here are my three rules of Money Minimalism.

        1. Save More, Consume Less
        2. Buy Quality, Not Quantity
        3. Discard 1st, Organize 2nd

Minimalism is making its mark these days. American is known to be, “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” I agree. The American way of life is many things: it can be creative, innovating, empowering, liberating, and altruistic. This land of the free is full of dreams achieved, as well as dreams to come. I see the American way of life as lived according to the individual dreamers themselves. For some, a fulfilling life may be achieved by helping others in need or less fortunate. Another person’s life goal could be to gain unheralded wealth through their business or profession by adding value to folks. Others may embrace savoring life as their ultimate quest. I believe that all of these dreamers are free to choose their own way to contentment and happiness; the journey is purely personal.

As a professional money manager, financial planner, and strategist, it is my interest to assist folks in their quest towards personal satisfaction in the world of finance. How do I participate in this enormous undertaking? By coaching. I play the role of financial coach/mentor. As an investment professional for over 30 years, I’ve coached individual investors through multiple economic cycles, bull and bear markets, and boom and bust scenarios. I’ve guided investors from their very first investment to becoming millionaires. I’ve grinded through much of it and paid my dues, so to speak.

“Time” is the most important thing of all. Time is limited. Every second, minute and hour of our lives is marked time. Life is amazing. Living life to the fullest requires effort on our part. Money is an important resource allowing us the ability to live life freely. Minimalism amplifies the accumulation of money and enables us to achieve financial independence much sooner. Money Minimalism is about being true to ourselves first, so that we can live our lives abundantly without interference.

William “Chip” Corley

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