Mine Shaft Brewing Instrumental In Sam Adams Growth Story

Stephen L Kanaval  |

It is old news to say that the craft beer market is expanding. Consumer taste buds have shifted over the last few years and the total beer palette has expanded. To think, it was once so unique to put an orange in a Blue Moon to bring out the subtle flavors of the Belgian ale. Now, brew masters are competing in a more diverse market, but that does not mean that sales are down. In fact, sales are still growing and the market has defied analysts’ projections of a stall for the last 2 years. The market is growing by 6% (considered a down year), but that trounces many other markets that are barely cracking 1 or 2% growth.

The market nurtures new companies because independent beer distributors are myriad and allow the entrepreneurial spirit to grow. Beer distributors don’t put requirement on size, flavor or style. Beer is truly an open market and consumer choice is growing the market. Craft beer only takes up a fraction of all beer sales, but that fraction is growing more and more into a bigger piece of the pie. According to the Brewers Association, there were 4,225 craft breweries in the US in 2016 compared to 3,676 in 2015. Essentially, there are many beer drinkers still who have not had a craft beer. The expanding tastes of breweries will further reach out to those consumers and bring more beer drinkers into the fold. In Utah, a brewery is offering a variety of flavors that will definitely appeal to seasoned craft beer drinkers and new craft beer drinkers. That brewery is Mine Shaft Brewing. Mine Shaft Brewing got started brewing in the 1970s by helping (Samuel Adams) Boston Beer Company (SAM) meet growing demand in their product. This experience grew and now the company is brewing their own beers, ales and ciders.

Mine Shaft makes a Gold Medal Porter, Wagon Wheel Wheat, Zion Dog Stormfront IPA, Shandy Summer Trail with hints of lemon and orange, and many more. The company also has a new line of ciders that come in grape, pear, apple and mango. Lastly, the company also has flavored ales as well like blueberry, apple, grape, orange and mango. The company leverages their beer knowledge and experience to create a unique variety of specialty blends but also world-class, award-winning beers.

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