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Michael Bublé Joins ARHT Media’s Growing Advisor Board of Celebrities and Moguls

ARHT Media Inc. (“ARHT”) ($ART:CA), a company that creates digital human holograms called HumaGrams™, is pleased to announce the appointment of Canadian singer and songwriter

ARHT Media Inc. (“ARHT”) ($ART:CA), a company that creates digital human holograms called HumaGrams™, is pleased to announce the appointment of Canadian singer and songwriter Michael Bublé to the company’s Board of Advisors.

Bublé states, “When I became aware of what ARHT Media was doing, I was fascinated by not only the many implications this technology could have in the genre of music, but also on the impact that could be made by conducting e-commerce with such a unique concept. The use of holograms in this way doesn’t just affect me, it affects the whole music industry in general. Its value goes further than simple stage shows and concerts and I am proud to not only be an advisory board member but also a shareholder in the company.”

Relationships Matter…

CEO Paul Duffy states, “As the CEO of ARHT, I quickly realized the importance of strong relationships in this type of space. The advisory board we have assembled represents top leaders in a variety of industries and I am confident this team will bring incredible value to our company. I am very proud to be the CEO of such a vibrant technology company with such a powerful and influential advisory board.” Currently, ARHT Media’s Board of Advisors includes Paul Anka, Larry King, Richard “Skip” Bronson, Jason Bateman and now Michael Bublé, with more terrific appointments coming soon.

About Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé, the Canadian singer and songwriter has won several awards including four Grammy Awards and numerous Juno Awards. His debut album reached top ten in both Canada and the UK which lead to Bublé finding worldwide success in both 2005 with his album Its Time, and in 2007 with his album Call Me Irresponsible, which reached number one in Canada, across Europe, Australia and on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Since then Bublé has continued to top charts worldwide with many of his albums and singles reaching number one and remaining at this top spot for weeks at a time. Bublé’s most recent album To be loved continues to garner global success with many top charting singles. Bublé is currently on a international tour, playing in the UK through December and in Asia and Africa in the new year.

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About ARHT Media

ARHT Media Inc. creates HumaGrams™ – the worlds most believable and interactive human holograms. HumaGrams are generated using our Augmented Reality Holographic Technology (ARHT™), which is a scalable, repeatable and transportable form of 3D without the use of special glasses. This unique platform makes it possible for people to engage with our HumaGrams, opening up a wide range of applications form interactive retail displays, tradeshow booths, presentations, live shows and concerts. All of which can be integrated into multiple forms of proximity and mobile marketing tactics to connect with your audience, drive your sales efforts and create memorable experiences.

ARHT Media Inc. was co-founded in 2012, by Rene Bharti (Chairman), and entertainer Paul Anka (Chairman, Board of Advisors). The company is supported by a diverse and seasoned Management team spearheaded by CEO Paul Duffy, a global entrepreneur and creator of the Digital Human Experience in online, mobile and holographic communications. ARHT Media’s team brings decades of experience from fields including entertainment, technology, marketing and finance. Advisors to the company include the likes of Larry King, Richard “Skip” Bronson, Jason Bateman and Michael Bublé.

ARHT Media trades under the symbol ART on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange.

For more information, please visit or contact the investor relations group at [email protected].

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