Mexico and U.S. Patent Offices Grant Bee Vectoring Notice of Patent Allowances

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Bee Vectoring Technologies (BEE:CA), a Canadian agricultural solutions company, has recently revealed its latest operational milestone. Announced today, the company has received notice of allowance of the following key patent applications:

  • US Patent Application No. 14/763,857; Entitled: Apparatus for Treatment of Plants
  • Mexico Patent Application No. MX/a/2013/011695; Entitled: Apparatus for Treatment of Plants

"These latest patents continue to build on the strength of BVT's technology portfolio which is a cornerstone of our long term strategy,” said Ashish Malik, CEO of Bee Vectoring. “As we focus towards full commercialization of the technology, US and Mexico represent two countries where we see significant revenue opportunities, and where we are currently conducting research and demonstration trials with growers across several crops. These patents create a competitive advantage for us, and will ensure we can capture full value for our system."

Headquartered in Vancouver, Bee Vectoring Technologies, is dedicated to providing, as stated on its official website, “a complete system that delivers required pathogen controls and compounds daily, to facilitate higher quality crops.” The company’s lead product, the BVT system, is a patent-pending inoculum dispenser system that consists of the following components:

  • Vectorpak™ with Vectorite™, which is a specially formulated patented powder that adheres to bees as they exit the one-way system.
  • Active Ingredients, Biological controls, bio stimulates or plant amendments, active ingredients that are added to Vectorite within Vectorpaks, are picked out and distributed to the plants by the bees.
  • Deliver Pollen, whereas bees leave the hive, pick up the product and, naturally, distribute the crop control to flowering plants, this eliminates the need for humans to directly aid the pollination process.

This past Spring, the company received patent approvals from the Chinese and Canadian patent offices. Its continued efforts in applying and successfully receiving domestic and international patent approvals positions the company to offer its innovative system as the new standard, resulting in reducing or, potentially, eliminating the need for chemical spraying and producing higher crop yields for clients.

“BVT has assembled an extensive patent portfolio and the continued approval of these patents within key territories such as China and Canada, countries in which we see significant future revenue potential, represents a continual increase in IP equity which is a key asset for the company,” said Michael Collinson, Chairman of Bee Vectoring.

Along with Bee Vectoring’s recent positive development, the Company is, according to its official press release, pursuing an aggressive IP strategy that covers four different patent families and 60 patent applications worldwide. The investment community looks forward to future developments from the company.

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