Meet Darius Eghdami: The CEO Combining Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning

Shazir Mucklai  |

Mucklai: Can you briefly share your background with us please?

I’m a designated accountant, sports junkie and serial entrepreneur. I’ve started several companies, failed at some of them, and lived to tell the tale. Currently, I’m the CEO of FansUnite, a company that is setting out to use blockchain technology and machine learning to help disrupt the sports betting industry.

Mucklai: How did you get started?

Eghdami: Like most business ideas, FansUnite was born out of an issue that I had personal experience with in the existing sports betting landscape. Handicappers make a living by selling picks to other bettors and often charge ludicrous amounts for subscriptions with outlandish claims about their prior wins and ROI. Having been a handicapper myself at one point, I was keenly aware of the suspicious nature of some of the records of my competitors. FansUnite was created to protect consumers by providing an independent service where members could track their results and find genuinely profitable bettors to follow with verifiable records. This desire for transparency and fairness to bettors still drives our company today, and is a primary driver behind our foray into real money sports betting through our Ethereum-based token, FAN.

Mucklai: What if any advice would you give to first time entrepreneurs?

Eghdami: Everyone goes with being your own worst critic, but honestly a positive attitude goes a long way. Self-promotion and selling other individuals on your ideas takes a special kind of confidence and resilience, which I think you have to have in today’s ever more crowded and competitive marketplace. Be your own biggest fan.

Mucklai: What is your firm focused on these days?

Eghdami: Our company is about three weeks out from our token generation event, which will take place in the middle of November. Our team is currently splitting time between attending conferences, pushing out content about our new platform, and working on the core smart contracts that will drive our new Ethereum based token sportsbook.

We’re excited to be in a position to provide bettors with an improvement on the traditional sports betting options that they’ve become accustomed to. We feel that a token based sportsbook can provide a cheaper, more secure and transparent platform for bettors.

Machine learning is going to be a core part of our risk management strategy (see here), allowing us to lower costs and pass savings on to bettors in the form of a historically low 1% margin. All core bet information will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain enabling additional layers of security and transparency over a centralized sportsbook. In addition, we plan to port over many of the things we found successful in our original platform with social features that encourage sharing of information and viral uptake.

For more information on all of this please check out our website, or join our FansUnite Slack channel here to chat with us directly.

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