Medicast Is Bringing On-Demand Tech to the Medical Sector

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It is recommended that one should take a trip to visit their doctor at least twice a year. However, if we’re being completely honest, most of us will admit to skipping a visit or two over the years; not to mention that some of us have continued to work through colds, flus, or have even ignored signs of pain and discomfort. Medical insurance is widely accessible, either through an employer or government programs; however, a lack of time and convenience are usually to blame for a missed doctor’s appointment. In a number of ways, these points are actually valid for those with incredibly packed schedules. One’s doctor’s office may not be local, may be booked for a couple months, or have very long wait times in order to see the doctor. We all want to make sure we do what’s best for our health; and it would be encouraging if aspects of the medical sector were to catch up with the 21st century. Medicast, a tech company, aims to be the excuse eliminator for us all by putting an innovative twist on a, now rare, medical practice.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Medicast aims to bring the convenience of on-demand technology to the healthcare sector by breathing life into, what some may consider, an old fashioned medical practice: the house-call. Through the modernization of care delivery networks with innovative and sophisticated tech solutions, Medicast is empowering hospitals and health systems to better accommodate doctors and patients beyond the four walls of a hospital or private clinic.

Currently available in Miami, San Francisco, and New York, Medicast puts individuals and families in contact with an on-demand physician that provides services in the areas of common ailments, ear, nose and throat, gastrointestinal, respiratory, eye, skin, travel medicine, and other injuries. According to its official website, the company’s product portfolio includes:

  • Patient mobile app, which provides one-touch access to a clinician.
  • Virtual practice, which provides mobile point of care tools including scheduling, charting, and billing for clinicians.
  • Scheduler portal, which allows coordinators to dispatch remote clinicians on-demand, schedule future home visits, or initiate telehealth consults on behalf of patients.
  • Dashboard, which allows administrators and care coordinators to manage its remote care network.

Medicast’s leadership team, which is a balance of technology, product, and medical expertise, along with its impressive product portfolio has captured the interests of the tech, medical and investment worlds.

In July, the company announced its latest operational milestone: that it had been acquired by Providence St. Joseph Health, the third-largest nonprofit health system in the United States with a reported $20 billion in revenue. "We're super excited about the value that Providence sees in our technology and our team, and we intend to continue building great new features into our platform," Medicast stated on their official blog. "As Providence continues to move health care into the digital age, the Medicast platform will be a key component of a wider strategy to ensure that more patients can have access to convenient, compassionate care delivered both in-person and virtually."

As reported by the Kansas City Business Journal, Medicast will join Providence's strategy and innovation group as part of the acquisition agreement. The investment community looks forward to further developments from the company.

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