MaVeNS Defined and Why it's Important

Steve Kanaval  |

Mavens is a conversion of an acronym taken from MVNS, which breaks down into Mobile, Video, Native Advertising and Social Media. It really applies to companies like Yahoo who are breaking down the revenue buckets and trying to determine where they can find growth and EBIT. I thought it was important to break down why this 2016 terminology is important to understand even for companies like ours.

For example, Yahoo CEO Mayer said that “the strong growth in our MaVeNS business” will eventually offset the loss in traditional display, later adding, “The MaVeNS businesses are not cannibalistic to traditional PC advertising.” Mayer also claimed that if MaVeNS were broken out from Yahoo’s other businesses, they would be “one of the fastest-growing startups in the world". Thankfully Yahoo, doesn’t call them MaVeNS, but it says that mobile, video, native, and social are Yahoo’s “Transformative Investments” and accounted for $380 million in GAAP revenue during the most recent quarter, as well as $1.1 billion for all of 2014. (GAAP search revenue for the fourth quarter was $467 million and display revenue was $532 million.)

MaVeNS represents how digital technology has changed our daily lives and breaks things down into categories of delivery.

Mobile is is your cell phone or tablet, which singularly has changed the world. The device we hold in our hands has made Apple the most powerful consumer electronics company the world has ever seen, and the cell phone cycle will create an even more powerful device and expand its uses as we sprint down this technology path.

Video is becoming a huge part of our lives, everyone has a powerful, easy to use camera in their pocket to record everything from babies first words to filming tornados. Video has transformed police actions, verification footage and created a dearth of unedited entertainment that has made YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Dubsmash delivery platforms with traffic and advertising which did not exist a few short years ago. This market on it way to be larger than all network or cable content combined and this is happening right now.

Native Advertising is a type of online advertising. It manifests itself as an article or video, produced as unique content by an online advertiser with the specific intent to describe a product, through the words of a journalist. The word "native" refers to the content mixing with other media that appears on the platform. We do this at Equities where we write about the stock market and blend in "Spotlight" companies we feature who help us pay the bills. It is how we are able to pay investors, develop our website and pay writers and staff. This embedded marketing technique of placing the product within the content, in native marketing along with the product and content are effectively merged into one entity.

Social Media in 2016 is pretty self explanatory. The advent of FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn has transformed the way we communicate and how we keep in touch with our friends and the world. This area also is in it's infancy and we are still in the adoption phase and understanding how we want to use these tools. FaceBook has 1Billion + global users while Twitter has 300 million. Everyone uses these and will continue to develop uses for Social Media Platforms.

So now you know what MaVeNS means...and so do I!

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