Mauldin: 50% of Financial Advisors Will ‘Lose Their Jobs’ In 10 Years

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Visionary thinker and best-selling author John Mauldin has some good news and some bad news for the approximately 275,000 financial advisors across the United States.

The Bad News?

In the video excerpt above from a new Real Conversations interview, Mauldin pulls no punches and says that half of all financial advisers will “lose their jobs and go away in the next ten years.”

The Good News?

“The other half, who get ahead of the curve, and figure out how to not do the same old thing they’ve been doing in the past are going to pick up market share,” Mauldin says.

“All you have to do…is figure out how to get ahead of the curve and have dynamic portfolios.”

Mauldin insists that the landscape of money management is changing with more ways to invest than ever.

“They have more tools than ever and it means they have to educate their clients,” he says.

Click here to watch the entire interview with Mauldin in which he tackles the Fed’s extraordinary monetary experiments, the “pension crisis tipping point” and how driverless cars may hurt the U.S. jobs market.

By Robert Milburn of Hedgeye Risk Management

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