Market Madness: The Final Four

Joel Anderson  |

Monday brings the Final Four that everyone has been talking about. That's right.'s Market Madness has finally reached its penultimate set of games. Finalists from the Blue Chip Bracket, the Mid Major Bracket, the Road to Redemption Bracket, and the Cinderella Bracket have all made their way through a sea of contenders to have their show at the champion of Market Madness.

The elites have come and gone, with Exxon-Mobil (XOM) and Apple (AAPL) already hitting the road. Small cap favorites like Interline Brands (IBI) or LivePerson (LPSN) have also seen their tournament come to a close. Now, the last four contenders hit the exchange again for a chance to win it all. Be sure to keep checking the Market Madness Bracket.

Blue Chip vs. Road to Redemption

3. Alcoa (AA) +1.09 percent over 15. Coca-Cola (KO) +0.57 percent

And the wild ride for 15-seed Coca-Cola comes to a close. Coke managed to knock off Google, which had made a habit of taking down all the favorite investments of Berkshire Hathaway's (BRK.A) Warren Buffett. Alas, Coca-Cola made a solid showing, losing by just over a half percentage point, but could not overcome aluminum titan Alcoa. Alcoa was the lowest seeded team remaining in the tournament after the Road to Redemption Bracket proved the only one that seemed to understand what the purpose of the seeding was. It cruises into the final for a match up tomorrow against...

Mid Major vs. Cinderella

7. Smith & Wesson (SWHC) +0.90 percent over 13. Bank of America (BAC) +0.81 percent

Bank of America picked the wrong time to run out of ammo. In a razor thin margin, handgun-maker Smith & Wesson narrowly managed to outgun the Charlotte, NC-based Bank of America. Bank of America was the easy favorite to win it all after the first few rounds, showing some of the most consistently solid numbers day after day. Bank of America has been riding a bull-run since December 20 of last year that has its stock doubling in value, but it wasn't enough to carry it through today. Smith & Wesson, meanwhile, emerges from the Cinderella bracket with a chance to take down Alcoa for the whole shebang.

Tuesday: The Final

Come back tomorrow to see the thrilling finale to Market Madness! Will Smith & Wesson gun down Alcoa? Will Alcoa tear through Smith & Wesson like so much aluminum foil? All will be decided tomorrow!

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Symbol Name Price Change % Volume
AA Alcoa Corporation 15.67 -0.08 -0.51 4,292,120 Trade
BBD.B:CA Bombardier Inc. Class B Subordinate Voting Shares 1.65 -0.02 -1.20 17,669,848
LPSN LivePerson Inc. 33.96 -11.02 -24.50 7,656,786 Trade
BAC Bank of America Corporation 34.85 -0.06 -0.17 26,447,711 Trade
SWHC Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation n/a n/a n/a n/a
KO Coca-Cola Company (The) 59.95 0.34 0.57 9,965,811 Trade
AAPL Apple Inc. 324.95 0.08 0.02 20,028,447 Trade
XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation 60.65 -0.28 -0.46 10,855,299 Trade



Symbol Last Price Change % Change





















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