Market Looks Toppy - 7 Dow Stocks Worth Owning and a Lot that Aren't

Adam Sarhan |

The market is getting weaker, not stronger. We are continuing to see more and more deterioration occurring as the major indices look toppy up here. The tape continues to break down. The bull market is over 6.5 years old and that is considered an aging bull by normal historical measures. Notwithstanding more easy money from the Fed and other central banks, a break of support will add to the misery.

A Look At The Dow


The Dow Jones Industrial Average is comprised of 30 blue chip stocks. The Dow is down for the year and continues to under-perform its peers. The reason is simple: Most stocks in the Dow are not acting well and more continue to roll over. Right now, there are only 7 strong acting stocks in the Dow and 23 that are either range bound or are in a clear downtrend. That’s not a bullish equation.

There Are Only 7 stocks in the Dow That Are In Good Technical Shape

  1. Home Depot Inc. ($HD) - Remains perched below 52-week highs
  2. JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($JPM) – Needs to breakout
  3. McDonald's Corporation ($MCD) – At the higher end of range- needs to breakout above $101.10
  4. Nike Inc. ($NKE) – Extended remains a very strong stock
  5. Pfizer ($PFE) – Negating latest breakout but remains strong on a relative basis
  6. UnitedHealth Group Inc ($UNH) – Looks good as it trades just below resistance of its multi-month trading range
  7. Visa Inc. ($V) - Very strong and remains extended

23 Stocks Are Either Range Bound Or Not Acting Well:

  1. Apple, Inc. ($AAPL)
  2. American Express Company ($AXP)
  3. Boeing Co ($BA)
  4. Caterpillar ($CAT)
  5. Cisco Systems Inc. ($CSCO)
  6. Chevron Corporation ($CVX)
  7. E I Du Pont De Nemours And Co ($DD)
  8. Walt Disney Co ($DIS)
  9. General Electric Company ($GE)
  10. Goldman Sachs Group Inc ($GS)
  11. The Coca-Cola Co ($KO)
  12. IBM ($IBM)
  13. Intel Corporation ($INTC)
  14. Johnson and Johnson ($JNJ)
  15. 3M ($MMM)
  16. Merck & Co., Inc.  ($MRK)
  17. Microsoft Corporation ($MSFT)
  18. Nike Inc. ($NKE)
  19. Procter & Gample Inc. ($PG)
  20. United Technologies Corporation ($UTX)
  21. Verizon Communications Inc. ($VZ)
  22. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. ($WMT)
  23. Exxon Mobil Corporation ($XOM)

Bottom Line:

The writing is on the wall for a classic topping process. If support breaks, odds favor lower prices will follow. Conversely, if the bulls show up (enter bullish catalyst that emerges) we are only a few percentage points below record highs and could easily breakout of this year-long trading range. We remain open for any outcome, but the evidence is suggesting the market is getting weaker, not stronger. If you want more, consider joining


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Symbol Name Price Change % Volume
MMM 3M Company 179.54 1.05 0.59 204,161
UNH UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (DE) 158.33 0.59 0.37 530,956
PG Procter & Gamble Company (The) 84.42 -0.51 -0.60 1,724,755
GE General Electric Co 31.22 -0.01 -0.03 5,242,668
CVX Chevron Corporation 115.53 -0.41 -0.35 353,647
JNJ Johnson & Johnson 114.48 -0.22 -0.19 567,416
WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 67.96 -0.16 -0.23 430,710
INTC Intel Corporation 36.89 0.13 0.34 1,114,708
IBM International Business Machines Corp 166.73 -0.07 -0.04 578,822
AAPL Apple Inc. 120.02 0.03 0.03 4,446,876
JPM JP Morgan Chase 83.63 -0.31 -0.37 2,584,137
AXP American Express Company 77.29 -0.21 -0.26 754,369
UTX United Technologies Corporation 111.22 0.80 0.72 302,339
V Visa Inc. 81.63 0.04 0.05 773,032
CSCO Cisco Systems Inc. 30.12 0.09 0.30 1,749,537
DIS Walt Disney Company (The) 107.58 -0.58 -0.53 564,543
GS The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 231.84 -2.45 -1.05 888,435
VZ Verizon Communications Inc. 52.49 0.24 0.45 1,608,590
NKE Nike Inc. 53.68 0.41 0.77 1,025,427
MCD McDonald\'s Corporation 122.76 0.05 0.04 376,539
DD E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. 73.57 0.12 0.16 71,763
HD Home Depot Inc. (The) 136.45 0.29 0.21 719,196
XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation 85.06 -1.23 -1.42 2,230,105
PFE Pfizer Inc. 31.90 -0.13 -0.41 1,746,897
BA Boeing Company (The) 159.58 1.26 0.80 312,828
MRK Merck & Company Inc. (new) 60.72 -0.46 -0.74 939,968
KO Coca-Cola Company (The) 41.23 -0.06 -0.15 1,428,400
CAT Caterpillar Inc. 93.60 0.27 0.29 424,640
MSFT Microsoft Corporation 62.90 0.40 0.64 2,945,045


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