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Making the Most out of Your Social Media Program with Dan Gay’s MondayMonday Network

What's the secret sauce for more engagement?

As social media spreads like wildfire, and takes sharing to a whole new level, as business owners, we to ask ourselves how we can we drive growth and engagement through it? I had the chance to speak with Dan Gay, the President of MondayMonday Network, to learn about how businesses can make the most out of social media. Dan has significant experience driving growth for companies. His firm, MondayMonday Network, has shown off the chart Engagement continuously from 80% to 300%; meaning that for a social page of 2M followers, 1.6M shares, likes, shares or comments a week are happening continuously. Additionally, his company is nearing the end of a private funding round raised in only 45 days.

Mucklai: How did you scale MondayMonday Network? And how did you come up with this technique?

Dan Gay: Social media is a huge area. With it, there are three important factors to always consider: 1). the first, and probably most important one is repeat-ability. Creating processes and training that can be replicated over-and-over again. Arthur and I continue to ask ourselves: what can we automate that can be automated? 2). The second is having an awesome team that is unified in your mission (which takes strategic thought to get there). 3). The 3rd factor is our secret sauce which drives engagement, the holy grail of Facebook.

Mucklai: How did you drive engagement at such a high level?

Dan Gay: Arthur Tubman, the Founder, is a brilliant social savant. Arthur developed a scientific process over the past 8 years. We’ve modified it slightly, and now call the process, The Congruency Doctrine. The trademark pending process insures that all content is congruent with the fans on a page. All phases from Facebook (FB) ads, to writing research, to content creation, and social engagement, are unified in producing engaging content for the specific characteristics of our fan pages. Each step has very unique attributes, which have been tested and retested to deliver the highest engagement possible.

The company has a small army of writers, editors, headline writers, social engagement individuals, ad buying, and technology staff. Daily, each fan page posts a specific blend of articles, meme’s, videos, and we’re expanding our focus on video and Facebook Lives. The Social engagement team posts quizzes, contests, surveys, questions, and comments, which further expands engagement. We keep in contact with our fans daily, and can make changes immediately based on how our fans respond.

Mucklai: What was the pinnacle or rather the turning point for your firm?

Dan Gay: We’re very focused on attracting people who fit our creative and energized company culture. We have a transparent culture, which moves extremely quickly, has no individual department silos, and communicates across all teams instantly. We reinforce using Slack as our communication vehicle, which enables all team members in a group to be involved in the team discussion. It also enables managers cross pollination; so they have continued open communications, and it provides top management a view of the business at all levels, to collaborate and support the managers. It’s quite an addictive culture for those who run fast and like to perform. Our culture will help us to continue to scale and grow.

Mucklai: How did you start monetizing social media traffic?

Dan Gay: Our social traffic continues to build large audiences in the area of people’s interests. The company started to monetize through website ads, and we will deploy a full sweet of marketing solutions. A company can monetize through ads, products, and other services, if the audience is already interested in that topic. It’s somewhat similar to what Detergents did in creating Soap Opera’s, where you have a target audience, who has specific needs. The difference is that TV, print, cable, and radio were all passive media. MondayMonday Network has an engaged media with two-way engagement. By providing congruent content to the fan and linking that congruence to the advertiser, it’s a win-win for both.

The saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch is very much true for Robinhood.