​Lomiko’s SHD Smart Home Devices Awarded Milestone US Patent for the Innovative Spider Charger™ Multifunctional Electrical Receptacle

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Lomiko Metals Inc.  (LMR:CA)LMRMF and SHD Smart Home Devices www.shddevices.com have been working diligently to bring Smart Home products to the market.


SHD Smart Home Devices moves closer to production, reaching a milestone achievement with the US Patent Office acceptance of its design patent for the Spider Charger™ wall-mounted multifunctional electrical receptacle. The ornamental design for a wall-mounted multifunctional electrical receptacle, as shown and described.

The patent protects distinct design features of shape, ornament, pattern and configuration of the wall-mounted multifunctional electrical receptacle shown in solid lines in the drawings. In the drawings, the broken lines are for the purpose of illustrating environment only and form no part of the claimed design.

"SHD has an incredible opportunity to participate in a burgeoning IoT and Smart Device market.", stated A. Paul Gill, CEO of Lomiko Metals and VP of Business Development of SHD Smart Home Devices, "Major companies such as Leviton, Legrand, Pass and Seymour and others have recognized this new market."


SHD has received preproduction samples of its Spider Charger™ USB outlets from its Indian Manufacturer and have finalized a design that is ready for Underwriter Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association approval. The key advantage of the latest design is its ability to install and use the product in any home or office in compliance with fire and safety regulations. The new Spider Charger™ design is more robust with increased power output to support wireless connections and fast charging. The device is now equivalent to installing a multi port USB power bar in the wall and operates without obstructing standard electrical outlets. It balances charging capacity and fire and electrical safety.


The Spider Charger ™ is now patent protected and will power or charge a growing list of consumer USB battery operated products and support multiple wireless charging pads while eliminating the need for bulky power converters currently required when using a power bar or wireless charging pads. The device is a convenient, décor friendly product designed to enhanced the user experience with it’s 6 USB charging ports built right into existing AC receptacles. High operating efficiency reduces power consumption across the power grid without the clutter of multiple power adapters. SHD is in the process of obtaining, further agency certification to list the product as Energy Star compliant in accordance with green energy standards.

The Market

There are currently 130 million established households in North America and a healthy seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 1.3 million housing starts. In addition, offices, hotels and coffee shops are also potential markets for USB charging devices. If only one or two USB charging devices are installed in new homes and retro-fitted into current homes undergoing renovations, there will be a healthy demand for these IOT products. Smart Home Ltd. plans to enter into negotiations to sell the Spider Charger and other related devices in North American markets with IOT distributors and builders. Lomiko will share its network of industry connections to help grow the venture and then enjoy the SHD equity multiplier without being burdened with any engineering, new product development, IP or associated marketing costs as the Spider charger and SHD suite of IoT products are rolled out.

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