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Lomiko Retains 1342 Ha at Vines Lake Property in the Cassiar, Mining B.C. District

Lomiko Metals Inc. (LMR:CA) (LMRMF) has reduced its land package in the Cassiar, B.C., area to 1,342 hectares.

Lomiko Metals Inc. (LMR:CA)
has reduced its land package in the Cassiar, B.C., area to
1,342 hectares. Cassiar is known for gold, molybdenum and base metal deposits
such as the Erickson gold mine at Table Mountain, the Tarus gold deposit, the
Storie and Cassiar molybdenum deposits, and the Mount Haskins molybdenum,
silver, lead and zinc deposit. Situated between the Golden Triangle in British
Columbia to the southwest and the White gold district to the north in the
Yukon, the Cassiar area has not had significant attention in several years.

On Feb. 26, 2018, adjacent
property owner China Minerals Mining Corp. announced plans to evaluate tailings
in the area for gold particulate. China Minerals hosts several historical mines
and discoveries as detailed in the China Minerals news release.

The Vines Lake property is located in the Cassiar gold camp in the Liard
mining district of northwestern British Columbia. The Vines Lake property has
year-round paved-road access as the property’s northern boundary crosses
Highway 37N, seven kilometres south of the unincorporated settlement of Jade

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