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CTO Mike Plotnikoff: “It will be something where everybody will be sitting back going ‘Oh my God, did you see that company go wild this year?’”

This article highlights Lite Access and how the company’s deployment compares to others:

In the old world, companies would typically rip a street apart and dig about 1m wide and 1m deep and they would fill it with 4inch conduits and cables,” the 28-year telecoms veteran said.

Using traditional methods, installing a meter of fibre cable can cost up to C$750. With Lite Access it costs around C$120.

Lite Access has gotten to a one-and-a-quarter inch wide by 14-inch deep micro-trench, which allows it to place up to 500m of fibre a day at around a third of the cost of traditional methods. It then uses compressed air through tube systems to blow the fibre to its end point.

The company’s technology enables it to install a future-proof fibre network three to five times faster than traditional methods, cutting customer costs by 40-80% while maintaining very attractive margins.

“Our method of using micro-trenching has put us at the forefront of this world at the moment,” Plotnikoff said.

On Working with Google Fiber at Stanford University:

“It was a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase the technology, showcase what we do, how cost effective, quick and easy it is to manage to design and build,” Plotnikoff said.

Since then, the company has gone on to work with Verizon in New York and NTT in Asia, as well as install fibre infrastructure worldwide, including most recently, in Peru.

Lite Access Technologies Inc Awarded a Municipal Fibre Optic Network Build for the Corporation of Delta, BC –Sep 17, 2015

Lite Access was awarded a contract in the amount of $440,000 for the supply and installation of a 3.85 km fibre optic backbone for the Corporation of Delta, British Columbia.

Lite Access and DSG Communications have been awarded this latest project to provide the most future proof and cost effective fibre connectivity solution available.

Mike Plotnikoff, CTO of Lite Access, states "… Delta is just the latest in a number of cities that have recognized the multiple advantages of our products and deployment techniques. This agreement with the Corp of Delta is further evidence of the quality of work and reputation of DSG Communications. We anticipate additional agreements similar to these as entities realize the value that DSG and Lite Access can bring to their organizations."

Lite Access Technologies Client Columbia Basin Trust Expands Network Deployment to the City Of Rossland, BC –Oct 2, 2015

Lite Access announces that DSG Communications Ltd. (DSG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Lite Access, has been awarded a contract for the supply and installation of a fibre optic network for the City of Rossland, BC.

This expansion is part of a larger, Province-wide connectivity initiative dubbed the "Connecting BC" program, created to provide high speed connectivity to 100% of BC residents by 2021, about which BC Premier Christie Clark says "With more growth taking place in rural and remote communities, it's crucial they have access to the world's most powerful tool to connect, learn, find information and to compete in the global economy. High-speed Internet service should be available to everyone in the province, and we're committed to expanding service to every British Columbian."

Lite Access Technologies Receives $275,000 Purchase Order from Telecommunication Services of Trinidad And Tobago – Oct 5, 2015

This order is for the provision of Lite Access microducting products required for a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) deployment in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. This constitutes the third such sale in a successful business partnership between Lite Access and TSTT that will provide an additional 250+ homes with connectivity to the existing fibre backbone.

Michael Priest, CEO of Lite Access states, "We are very pleased TSTT has chosen to increase their fibre deployment using our best-in-class technology so they meet the ever-increasing demand for connectivity from their client-base. We greatly appreciate the long-term relationships that we have built with TSTT and other valued partners across the globe and look forward to providing them with the products and services they need to ensure that they can deliver the most "future-proof" network possible for their customers."

Lite Access Technologies Receives Us$180,000 Purchase Order for Fibre Deployment in Washington State – Oct 13, 2015

Michael Plotnikoff, CTO of Lite Access states, "This is an important contract for Lite Access for two reasons: it is indicative of our continued success in the United States market and, in conjunction with our recent announcement of projects in Trinidad, US Virgin Islands, British Columbia and Alberta, it demonstrates that our proprietary products and deployment solutions are being embraced by an international audience."

Lite Access Technologies Completes 97-Home Trial FTTH Project for TELUS – Oct 19, 2015

Michael Plotnikoff, CTO of Lite Access, stated, "This Powell River trial was very important to Lite Access as it provided a proving ground for TELUS to carefully evaluate whether our technology could meet their stringent requirements and therefore potentially factor into their future fibre deployment strategy. The "Fibre-to-the-Premise" sector is growing exponentially, we are exceptionally pleased that the success of this trial will enable Lite Access to offer faster and more cost effective fiber deployment solutions to Canadian Telcos."

Lite Access Technologies Awarded Contract From The City of Vancouver, BC- Oct 30, 2015

Lite Access announces that DSG Communications Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lite Access, has been awarded a contract in the amount of $132,503 from the City of Vancouver for the extension of communications duct through the University Endowment Lands towards the University of British Columbia.

this is the ninth announced contract awarded to Lite Access in the past five months, culminating in orders and bookings exceeding CDN$1.8 million. A massive investment cycle in fibre optic networks has emerged as traditional copper networks are being replaced. The Company has been working with numerous telecom companies, ISP's, and communities, providing the most timely, future-proof and cost-effective fibre connectivity solution available. Specializing in microduct and air-blown fibre technologies, and deployed using specially designed micro-trench technologies, Lite Access' proven solutions have been adopted worldwide and have successfully changed the way fibre connectivity is achieved today.

Lite Access Technologies CEO Michael Priest Interview Podcast – Sep 20, 2015

Michael Priest: We have customers around the world. Lite Access again, going into an 11th year now, we have projects and partners and deployments from London, England, to New York City, to Vancouver, to Alaska, to Hawaii and Guam, Malaysia, Australia, almost every state in the United States, and to Mexico, Panama, South America. So our customers range from the Bells – Bell used us for the Olympics, for example. Fibre was used at the World Cup for FIFA. Companies like AT&T, Verizon, school districts, cities like the city of Port Coquitlam, the City of Vancouver is using it as well.

*LTE illustrated as profitable

Michael Priest: Well we’re targeted right now for 50 percent growth in 2015, again my year-end being September 30. And I’m expecting us to hit 110 to 120 percent growth for 2016, 2017.

Lite Access Technologies Awarded Fibre Optic Deployment Contract Worth Over $7,000,000 – Nov 2, 2015

Lite Access announces that it has been awarded a contract in the amount of $7,091,485 for the supply and installation of a fibre optic network for the GwaiiTel Society (GwaiiTel) in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. This is the largest contract in Lite Access' history.

Scottishpower Orders Lite Access Products and Technologies for Trial Deployment – Jan 18, 2016

Lite Access announces that SP Energy Networks, a division of ScottishPower, has commissioned a trial deployment of Lite Access' best-in-class microduct and micro-trenching solutions at an as-yet undisclosed location within their network. ScottishPower is part of the Iberdrola Group of Companies, one of the largest utility companies in the world.

SP Energy requested the trial of Lite Access' deployment solutions as an important initiative to alleviate repeated faults and subsequent repair requirements associated with overhead lines in forested areas where lines are often damaged by falling trees.

Eifion Griffiths, Head of Resources and Work Planning at SP Energy Networks, states, "We are very pleased to be working with the professionals of Lite Access to develop a high quality and reliable alternative to the overhead cables we currently use to service our over 3.5 million clients in Scotland and we look forward to the results from this trial."

Lite Access Technologies shows projects advancing apace – Feb 1, 2016

Several new bids and tenders have been made for projects both in Canada and abroad, and the company expects news from these within 30-60 days.

Several new bids and tenders have been made for projects both in Canada and abroad, and the company expects news from these within 30-60 days.

"The team at Lite Access is very proud of our achievements in recent weeks, from the fantastic progress made at Haida Gwaii to the solidifying of our existing client base with multiple expansions to current networks, to the significant projects that the company is being invited to bid on for major telecoms and organizations worldwide,” said Mike Plotnikoff, Lite Access chief technology officer.

“We know however, that our greatest achievements lie ahead of us, and we look forward to all that 2016 will bring."

Lite Access Technologies Receives Microduct Order From Long Time Las Vegas, Nevada, Based Partner – Feb 19, 2016

Lite Access announces that it has received a new purchase order for the supply of its microduct and fiber optic components from Spectrum Services in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thisconstitutes the 20th such sale in a successful business partnership between Lite Access and Spectrum Services that will provide connectivity to a Fiber to the Premises (FTTX) network with final connections to the existing competitive local exchange carrier's fiber network.

Patrick O'Laughlin, Director of Construction for Spectrum Services, said, "Lite Access has provided us with the microduct technology so we can quickly connect our clients with fiber utilizing one of the most environmentally friendly and future proof solutions available."


Lite Access is pleased to announce a new partnership with its first certified South African installation and sales partner, headquartered in the City of Johannesburg, South Africa, to cover the South African telecommunications market for the sale and installation of Lite Access microduct solutions.

Nulani (Pty) Ltd. is a turnkey solutions company that specializes in fibre optic networks solutions including planning, civil works, project management and fibre works. The Directors of Nulani (Pty) Ltd. were involved in the establishing of mechanical inroad trenching (microtrenching) as a new technology in South Africa and are widely regarded as the Nation’s authority on micro-trenching. Their achievements include various multi-million rand deployments for Telkom SA and AlcatelLucent, including rolling out GSM, 2G and 3G networks in rural and extreme rural areas.

Michael Priest, CEO of Lite Access states, “South Africa is a huge potential market for Lite Access and we are very pleased to be partnering with the professionals at Lite Access South Africa to bring a new level of connectivity and service to the South African market.”

Archie Cassim, Head of Infrastructure Services states, “Lite access has provided us with a proprietary microduct, preloaded with fibre and connectors, that will greatly reduce the time and cost to connect new customers to our client’s fibre optic backbone. Their innovative deployment tools and products, combined with our experience and resources, make for a natural partnership.”


Fibre optic broadband infrastructure group Lite Access Technologies Inc (CNSX:LTE) said it had made two significant additions to its advisory team. Brian McFadden and Robert Neal are the two new appointments in question.

Lite Access chief technology officer Mike Plotnikoff said: "We are extremely excited to have these gentlemen join Mr. Robert Cruickshank as advisors to the company.

"The industry knowledge and wealth of experience that they bring is considerable and will prove invaluable in helping us shape the company and grow both nationally and internationally into the future.

"We look forward to working with Rob, Brian and Bob to drive the strategic vision, explore new opportunities, and ultimately maximize the impact Lite Access has on the global fibre-optic sector. We will continue to look to add to our talented team of advisors and board of directors in the future."

McFadden has held a number of senior executive roles in his 35 year career in telecoms. He served as chief research officer and chief technology officer of Nortel Networks.

Elsewhere, Neal spent 20 years at NBTel / Aliant - a telecommunication company known worldwide as a pioneer in IPTV with the implementation of digital TV beginning in 1995.

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