Malcolm Shaw: Why Is the Market Ignoring These Companies?

The Mining Report | |

Malcolm Shaw is looking at a modern-day map to buried treasure. He sees a company operating a shale-oil well that has tested at a free-flow rate of 590 barrels per day, a junior producer in

Three Key Metrics to Identify a Superstar Investment

The Mining Report | |

Etienne Moshevich, editor of, looks at three things before he decides to get excited about a company: people, projects and structure. In this interview with The Mining Report,

Argentina's Vaca Muerta May Be the Biggest Opportunity for Investors in 2014

Etienne Moshevich | |

I think there’ a huge opportunity for investors to make money on the energy side in Argentina. The Vaca Muerta (translated in English as “Dead Cow”) Field in Argentina has

Oil Majors Head Lower as Russia Moves to Secure Sevastopol Naval Base

Michael Teague | |

Commodities prices were soaring across the board in Monday trading, as markets went into panic mode following the Russian military’s invasion of the Crimean Peninsula in neighboring Ukraine

Major Integrated Oil & Gas: Standard Oil, Super-Majors, and Resource Nationalism

Michael Teague | |

Vertically integrated oil and gas companies, otherwise known as the “majors,” "big oil," or "super-majors," differ from the rest of the industry for the simple fact

Chevron and Argentina Back on for Exploration of Vaca Muerta Shale

Michael Teague | |

On Wednesday, the Argentine Supreme Court reversed a November 2012 decision to freeze 40 percent of Chevron’s (CVX) bank accounts, clearing the way for a $1.5 billion venture between the company

Slovenia Cancels Bond Sale Ahead of Downgrade

Michael Teague | |

Apparently in response to a Moody’s downgrade, the Slovenian government canceled $6 billion in bond sales that would have been used to save the nation’s ailing banking system.Just days after

Equities Sector Coverage: Wall Street Continues to Inch Higher

Sector Recap | |

Initial Jobless Claims came in at 351,000 flirting with breaking below the recessionary threshold of 350,000 for several weeks in a row now. Personal Income for January came in weaker than

Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Close Higher After Another Up-and-Down Session

Sector Recap | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average stayed above its 200-day simple moving average at 11,975 trading above 12,170 into the final half hour of trading. The NASDAQ stayed above its 200-day at 2690 at

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