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How Latin American Startups Are Becoming Leaner in the Time of Coronavirus

Craig Dempsey | |

This past fiscal year has been trying for businesses and individuals all over the world. Without a doubt, the global pandemic that recently ensued took a took a toll on entire economies, national and international operations, worldwide trade, and the wellbeing of individuals and businesses. While the effects of the virus act as shockwaves throughout the globe, certain populations and sectors are feeling them more than others. Particularly, Latin American startups and their respective home cou...

Take Advantage of the Workforce Potential When Doing Business in Latin America

Craig Dempsey | |

Understand the key elements and commercial potential of Latin American workforces and take advantage of these labor resources when expanding your business in the region.

Latin America has demonstrated overall positive growth rates since the 2000s, despite experiencing some economic challenges and recent current political issues that have affected national or regional development.

This development, along with increased activity from foreign businesses, have contributed to an i...

United Airlines Loses $1.7 Billion in First Quarter; Liquidity Increases to $9.6 Billion As of April 29

Reuters | |

United Airlines Holdings Inc on Thursday posted a first-quarter loss of $1.7 billion, including charges against investments in Latin America that have soured as the coronavirus pandemic jolts travel industries worldwide.Airlines including United have parked jets and slashed flight schedules as demand has virtually vanished due to the pandemic, forcing them to suspend growth plans and shift their focus to saving cash.Chicago-based United said it had $9.6 billi...

How do Latin American Countries Protect Brand Owners and Intellectual Property?

Craig Dempsey | |

​Latin American countries have taken steps to develop their intellectual property regulations in recent years, encouraging innovative commercial activity.

Microsoft To Invest $1.1 Billion in Mexico Over Next Five Years: CEO

Reuters | |

The U.S. company will invest in training labs and skills programs.

One Day After Impeaching Him, Democratic-Led House Expected To Give Trump Big Win on Trade

AP News | |

A bill implementing terms of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is expected to pass Thursday with bipartisan support.

Brazil's Eerie Parallels with Argentina

Ivan Martchev | |

The Brazilian real – or reais as the locals call it – closed on Friday at 4.1962, which can be rounded up to 4.2 on the USDBRL cross. This is disconcerting news...

What's With All the Mass Protests? (Hint: It's Not About Income Inequality)

Frank Holmes | |

The common denominator is not billionaires and other successful people, but rather about corrupt, power-hungry bureaucrats and politicians.

The Opportunities Go to Those Who Can See Past the Negative Headlines

Frank Holmes | |

Follow the trend lines, not the headlines.

Sustainability and Innovation in Latin American Mining

Craig Dempsey | |

The intersection between mining – a leading revenue generator for many in Latin America – and environmental conservation is an area of increasing importance.

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