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The White House has told U.S. automakers it wants them to back a voluntary target of at least 40% of new vehicles sales being electric by 2030 as it works to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, sources briefed on the matter said.

The discussions with U.S. automakers on electric vehicle (EV) targets come as the Biden administration is set as early as next week to roll out its proposed revisions to vehicle emissions standards through 2026.

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The White House on Tuesday praised the Justice Department's successful effort to stop a $30 billion deal that would have created the world's biggest insurance broker, saying the agency's work was "robust enforcement of the antitrust laws."

Aon Plc and Willis Towers Watson Plc called off their merger on Monday, saying U.S. regulators' objections created unacceptable delay and uncertainty. The Justice Department had filed a lawsuit to stop it.

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Time running short, senators and the White House are working furiously to salvage a bipartisan infrastructure deal, with pressure intensifying on all sides to wrap up talks on President Joe Biden’s top priority.

Despite weeks of closed-door discussions, several issues are still unresolved over the nearly $1 trillion package. Spending on public transit remains in question and a new dispute flared over the regulation of broadband access. Patience was running thin Tuesday as senators accused one another of shifting the debate and picking fights over issues that had already been resolved.

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The proposed bipartisan infrastructure agreement reached last week in Washington includes funding to remove and replace millions of lead pipes and service lines across the US.

According to the White House, $55 billion would go toward water infrastructure, which would encompass eliminating lead pipes and service lines that continue to serve an estimated six to 10 million homes and 400,000 schools and child care facilities.

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Uber Technologies Inc and rival Lyft Inc on Monday launched COVID-19 vaccine ride programs in partnership with the White House, offering Americans free rides or discounts for their trips to and from a vaccination site.

Customers who have booked a vaccine appointment can request a ride through the Uber app and either incur no charges if the trip costs less than $25, or receive a $25 discount for their journey, the company said.

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Top White House officials blasted comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan on Wednesday after he advised his younger listeners against getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

During an appearance on NBC’s “The Today Show,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, called Rogan’s comments “incorrect” and explained why he takes issue with the remarks made.