​Here’s Why Amazon Is Not a Monopoly

Charles Sizemore | |

I recently Google searched the term “Amazon monopoly.” It returned over 4 million results.

​Costco: Buy the Dips

MoneyShow | |

Costco has important cost advantages to remember.

When You Think It Can’t Get Worse, the Markets Become Even More Absurd

Jared Dillian | |

How long can this continue?

​Retail Tremors Shake the Payment Ecosystem

Guild Investment Management | |

Consumers are not generally aware of the various firms that stand between them and their merchant.

Food & Beverage Buys: General Mills & Starbucks

MoneyShow | |

The Whole Foods Markets acquisition by Amazon pretty much caused every other food-related stock to take a hit.

The Bigger Picture of the Amazon and Whole Foods Merger

Patrick Watson | |

Every trend is really a long chain of actions and reactions.

​Three Main Lies About Volatility

Adam O'Dell | |

Volatility gets a bad rap.

​As Sam Sees It: What Can Investors Expect in the Second Half of 2017?

Sam Stovall | |

As the second half prepares to kick off, will the markets stay with the trends or break in a different direction?

​Jeff Kagan: Amazon Declares War on Grocery Industry

Jeff Kagan | |

Can Amazon do for groceries what it did for books?

Stocks Fall...Again

Adam Sarhan | |

While pullbacks are normal, the worrisome part is the heavy volume that's coming along with it.

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