Value Stocks

Why I’m Buying the 'New' Value Stocks

Stephen McBride | |

Value stocks have outperformed growth stocks this year.

Growth Stocks Versus Value Stocks: The Flip Flop

Robert Zuccaro | |

Value stocks jumped to the fore in the stock market during the first two months of this year as the Russell 1000 Value ETF had outdistanced the Russell 1000 Growth ETF. Numerous observers, along with several brokerages, jumped on the value bandwagon and argued that value stocks would enjoy a long run after substantially underperforming growth stocks over the past 10 years. During 2010 to 2020, the Russell Growth ETF handily beat the Russell Value ETF with a cumulative return of 380%, compared to 166%.

Technology Stocks Tumble Again; Nasdaq Down 10% in Three Days

AP News | |

Big technology stocks tumbled again on Tuesday, continuing the Icarus-like flight path for companies that just a week ago were the high-flyers carrying Wall Street to record heights.

The S&P 500 fell 95.12, or 2.8%, to 3,331.84 and clinched its first three-day losing streak in nearly three months. Big names that were the main reasons for the market’s rocket ride back from its pandemic-caused losses were among the heaviest weights. Apple sank 6.7%, Microsoft pulled 5.4% lower and tech stocks across the index were down 4.6%.

The Acquirer's Podcast: Michael Green – Passive Agro, Passive Risks to the Market, Shorting XIV and What’s a Value Guy To Do?

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

In this episode of The Acquirer’s Podcast Tobias chats with Michael Green. He is a Partner and Chief Strategist at logicafunds.

The Era of Passive Investing Might Well Have Just Come to an Abrupt End | |

The seemingly improbable happens all the time in financial markets.

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