​Why These Uranium Miners Have a Powerful Outlook

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The long-term investment case for uranium revolves around the demand side of the equation.

Top Stocks to Play Uranium

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Investors in the uranium space are like Goldilocks: They have three major ways to play, says David A. Talbot, senior mining analyst at Dundee Capital Markets. The Athabasca Basin entices with high

Anfield Resources Joins Rare Group of Junior Producers, Asserting Strategic Emphasis on Cash Flow

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The mining business can be a pretty tough one. Companies are beholden to often fickle futures prices for metals that take a long time to extract and process, giving them little chance to adjust to

Malcolm Shaw: Why Is the Market Ignoring These Companies?

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Malcolm Shaw is looking at a modern-day map to buried treasure. He sees a company operating a shale-oil well that has tested at a free-flow rate of 590 barrels per day, a junior producer in

Uranium Supply Disruptions Spell Opportunity for Investors: David Talbot

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A supply crisis is looming in the uranium industry, and today's uranium price, stagnant at an eight-year low, will shoot up quickly when restarts of Japanese nuclear power plants bring back

Sliding Oil is Good for Business

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Energy stocks have taken a major hit so far this week, falling two consecutive days and down 5.8% from Friday. The decline, according to some analysts, is the beginning of the end for the oil

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