Russell Tick Indexes

​Jeff Kagan: What the Verizon Strike Means

Jeff Kagan | |

In a rapidly changing industry, Verizon strikers may find they don't have much leverage...

Jeff Kagan: Is Cuba Next on the AT&T Hit Parade?

Jeff Kagan | |

AT&T could be gearing up for an aggressive play into Cuba...

2015 Benchmarks Likely Unchanged

Steve Kanaval | |

If you manage money for a living your year- end benchmark is the most important number of the year. Normally, these benchmarks are major Indexes like the S&P 500, the Russell 2000 or the Nasdaq 100.

​Jeff Kagan: Thoughts on Windstream Changes

Jeff Kagan | |

Windstream is finally starting to look to the future - but are they doing enough to change their fortunes?

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