CEO Twitter Scoreboard Update

Evan Kirstel | |

The latest version of the CEO Twitter Scoreboard was updated on May 1. Here are some highlights and click on image for complete list of 160 CEOs with Twitter followers of more than 10,000.

What Twitter Is Good For and Not Good For? — Amplification and Acceleration, Not Influence

Evan Kirstel | |

To maximize Twitter's impact, you first need to understand how a business should use it.

Stocks End Week Flat As Earnings Continue

Adam Sarhan | |

The major indices opened the week with a big selloff, but the bulls showed up right on cue to defend a key support level.

Twitter Latest Company to Ban ICOs as Report Suggests 81% of ICO's are Scams

David Jackson, MBA | |

The ban comes as new reports from Satis Group suggest that as many as 81% of ICOs are scams.

​Crypto Ad Ban: Is the Decision by Google and Twitter Beneficial or Harmful?

David Drake | |

Some players in the cryptocurrencies expect this ban to affect some countries more than others largely because in some countries, cryptocurrencies are not illegal.

Bitcoin Volatility Fails to Dissuade Merchants on Crypto Take Up

David Jackson, MBA | |

Jack Dorsey told The Times "The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be bitcoin."

The Dark Side of Social Networks Could Destroy FAANGs

John Mauldin | |

The great tension in human history is between those two, the squares and the towers—and technology has increased that tension.

​The Real Reason Giant Tech Companies are Banning Crypto-Related Ads

David Drake | |

Google and Twitter are the latest global internet companies to ban crypto-ads after Facebook.

​3 Impacts of Facebook’s Data Harvesting Scandal

Ong Kai Kiat | |

Now that Facebook's true influence level has been unveiled, here are the potential drawbacks

​Playing Cryptos via Overstock and ARK ETFs

MoneyShow | |

Bitcoin is the best-known of these cryptocurrencies but there are many more that have been launched recently.

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