Investors Love These 'Trump Bump' Sectors, But Should They?

Joel Anderson | |

Finance and energy seem primed for some huuuuuge gains...

Jeb Handwerger: China Isn't Slowing Down, It's Buying Up (Resources, That Is)

The Mining Report | |

Headlines about a Chinese economic slowdown may get good web traffic, but the real story is that China is buying up uranium and other resources around the world, says Gold Stock

2009 Keystone XL Pipeline Explosion Unreported Due to "Administrative Error"

Michael Teague | |

With a market-cap just shy of $31 billion, TransCanada Corp. (TRP) is the number two publicly-traded gas equity on US exchanges. In recent years, however, most Americans have come to know the

Stocks Rally as Disappointing Jobs Report Calms Taper Anxiety

Michael Teague | |

Friday trading closed with stocks accelerating the pace of the previous day’s rally, after the US Department of Labor dropped its heavily anticipated January jobs report indicating that

TransCanada (TRP) to Finish Southern Portion of Keystone XL by October

Michael Teague | |

TransCanada Corp. (TRP) said on Thursday that the southern portion of its massively unpopular Keystone XL pipeline would be completed by the end of the end of the month, and will begin

Energy ETFs Rise on Crude Oil Prices, Fall on Natural Gas Prices

Joel Anderson | |

Those ETFs tracking the price of crude oil jumped today as crude prices rebounded from lows yesterday that finished just over $102 a barrel. Prices rallied today, with contracts for November 13th

Canada's Oil Industry Seeks To Reduce Carbon Emissions With Algae and Sewage

Michael Teague | |

Crude oil from Canada’s tar sands is known to be one of the dirtier and more costly to process crude varieties, a fact that has been a major stumbling block in the construction of

Keystone XL Pipeline Debate Heats Up on Capitol Hill

Jacob Harper | |

The proposed XL leg of the Keystone Pipeline, the controversial oil-supply conduit that would funnel Canadian tar sands oil through the Upper Midwest to shipping centers in Oklahoma, is facing

Consumer Advocacy Says Keystone XL Will Inflate US Gas Prices

Michael Teague | |

Consumer Watchdog, a non-profit consumer advocacy group established in 1985, released a report on Tuesday highlighting the potentially negative impact of the hotly debated Keystone XL pipeline

Lac-Megantic Train Disaster Renews Discussion on Crude Oil Transportation

Jacob Harper | |

Prior to July 6, all indicators pointed to rail continuing its oil carrying-boom. As crude continues to flow out of North Dakota, rail has increasingly shouldered the responsibility of moving oil

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