Trade Wars

China’s Golden Corridor

China’s Golden Corridor

Marin Katusa | |

As its currency falls, China has been buying gold.

The Comrades' Time is Running Out

Ivan Martchev | |

The long term effects of the trade war could destroy the global monetary system.

Brace for a Bumpy Ride Ahead?

Leo Kolivakis | |

Prepare for further wild gyrations in equities and bonds.

More Downside Ahead for Semiconductors

Mike Paulenoff | |

SMH investors are in for a rough ride.

October 2018 Reprise? Let’s Hope Not | |

Just 11 months ago, Trump launched the first shot across China's bow.

It's an All-Out Currency War! What Are Your Next Moves?

Frank Holmes | |

“Nothing positive ever comes from a currency war.” - James Rickards

EUR/USD: How Trade Wars Move the Pair

FXStreet | |

EUR/USD has been rising amid a rise in Fed rate cut expectations. The US-Sino trade war continues topping the agenda. Tuesday's technical chart is pointing to further, yet limited gains.

Rate Cuts, Trade Wars and Gold: 5 Things Every Investor Should Know Right Now

Frank Holmes | |

The Fed capitulated, and the trade war is taking a huge toll on corporate earnings.


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