How the Rare Earth Market Could Be Fixed

The Mining Report | |

China's geology, cost structure and disregard for environmental degradation have led to rare earth world domination. But the landscape is changing. In this interview with The Mining Report,

Spotting the Best Value Plays in the Junior Gold and Resources Market

The Gold Report | |

It's the lazy days of summer and Paul Renken, senior geologist and analyst with VSA Capital, is bottom-fishing. He sees a lot of value in unloved resource equities and spends much of his time

Mining Investors Should Focus on New Technology

The Mining Report | |

Michael and Chris Berry are back for The Mining Report's second annual father-son interview in honor of Father's Day. While they don't agree on everything, they are aligned on the

Chris Ecclestone: Right Size, Right Metals Signal Success for REE Projects

The Gold Report | |

The rare earth elements sector is smaller than it was a few years ago, and Chris Ecclestone, mining strategist with Hallgarten & Co., thinks it needs to get smaller still. The only way to

….But Commodities Are Off to a Good Start. Why?

Chris Berry | |

Given so much uncertainty, it is pleasantly surprising to see many commodities, and the companies responsible for exploration and development of them, off to such a strong start in 2014.  I

Jeb Handwerger: China Isn't Slowing Down, It's Buying Up (Resources, That Is)

The Mining Report | |

Headlines about a Chinese economic slowdown may get good web traffic, but the real story is that China is buying up uranium and other resources around the world, says Gold Stock

Kiril Mugerman: Graphite Investors Should Look for Large Flakes, Small Resources

The Mining Report | |

Companies that boast 80,000 ton-per-year production or high purity levels don't always impress Kiril Mugerman, mining analyst with Industrial Alliance Securities. Why? Because finding buyers

Ryan Castilloux: Sorting Reality from Hype in the Crowded Rare Earth Industry

The Mining Report | |

Evaluating rare earth projects is a tricky business, and the ambiguous reporting methods some companies use don't make it any easier. In this interview with The Mining Report, Ryan Castilloux

The Numbers Don't Lie: Why the Industrial Minerals Sector Is Here to Stay

The Mining Report | |

There are two ways to visualize the critical metals and industrial minerals sector. Some see a hostile climate, where junior mining companies compete for scarce financing dollars. But there's

Are Tech Stocks at Risk following the Second Earthquake in Japan?

Brittney Barrett | |

The global supply chain of technological goods including computer and chip developers is currently  at risk following yesterday’s earthquake according to executives from computer makers and

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