Five Small-Cap Materials Stars that Outperformed During the First Quarter

Michael Teague | |

Looking at sector performance during the first quarter of 2014, basic materials is currently in third place with an overall gain of 2.91 percent, behind only utilities (+ 6.88 percent) and

Quicksilver Resources (KWK) Soars After Q3 Earnings

Michael Teague | |

The Fort Worth, Texas-based Quicksilver Resources (KWK) barely qualifies as a small-cap, operating in the independent oil and gas space with a market cap of $366.7 million. But the small company

Stocks Under $10: Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies

Richard Suttmeier | |

At we show that the Oils-Energy sector is 5.4% overvalued with the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production industry 3.0% overvalued. All 11 stocks in today’s table have

Stocks Under $10: US Oil and Gas Exploration/Production Companies

Richard Suttmeier | |

At we show that the Oils-Energy sector is 3.2% undervalued, with the Oil & Gas US Exploration & Production industry 9.2% undervalued. All eleven of the stocks in

Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Rebound From Major Drop

Sector Recap | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded up to 12,662.46 consolidating Thursday’s decline. The NASDAQ traded up to 2890.11 consolidating Thursday’s decline.Asian stocks were lower on Friday.

Exxon and the Energy Sector

Brittney Barrett | |

Exxon Mobil’s (NYSE: XOM) first-quarter earnings sky-rocketed 69 percent to $10.65 billion or $2.14 a share, revealing the extent that the company has been profiting from elevated oil prices,

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