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Stellantis NV (NYSE: STLA), the parent company of car brands including Jeep, Dodge and Ram, plans to invest at least $35.5 billion by the end of 2025 to expand its lineup of electric vehicles.

On Thursday, the world’s fourth-largest automaker said within the next four years it will have 55 electrified vehicles on the market in the US and Europe.

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One of South Korea’s biggest battery makers, Samsung SDI, is reportedly looking to expand its battery cell manufacturing capabilities in the US to help meet growing demand for electric vehicles.

A confidential source told Reuters that the battery maker, a unit of Samsung Electronics, is considering a US factory as either a joint venture or as an independent manufacturing site.

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) is allocating $27 million in federal funding for the research and development of projects focused on converting energy more efficiently from waves into carbon-free electricity.

In a press release, the DOE said the resources are intended to “advance wave energy technologies toward commercial viability” and support the Biden Administration’s clean energy goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

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Several leading financial institutions, including UBS Group, DBS Bank, ABN AMRO Bank and Danske Bank, are hoping to accelerate the transition toward a sustainable economy by developing new impact-reporting standards that account for social and environmental factors.

As part of the Banking for Impact initiative announced Wednesday, the banks will team up with Harvard Business School and the Impact Institute to create a standardized method by the end of 2022 that tracks the impact of lending that isn't captured by traditional financial reporting.

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U.S. natural gas producers hope climate-conscious electric utilities and gas exporters will pay a premium for what they say is "greener gas" that has been certified as coming from low-emission operations or from renewable sources such as landfills.

EQT Corp, Chesapeake Energy and liquefied natural gas firms Cheniere Energy and NextDecade Corp are among the companies considering low-carbon certifications from groups such as Denver-based Project Canary. Gas certified as "responsibly produced" and contributing less emissions could get up to 5% above market prices, or up to 15-cents per thousand cubic feet (mcf), proponents say.

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Renault Groupe (OTC: RNLSY) announced two partnerships on Monday aimed at boosting the production of electric car batteries in France.

In a press release, the French carmaker said the new partnerships with China’s Envision AESC and French start-up Verkor will enable it to create an EV hub capable of churning out 400,000 cars annually.

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Porsche AG will develop and produce high-performance battery cells for electric sports cars under a new joint venture with German lithium-ion specialist Custom Cells GmbH.

Under the partnership announced Sunday, the luxury automaker and startup company will produce car batteries with higher energy density than prototypes used in Porsche’s current electric cars.

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Air France-KLM is sending into the air what it calls its first long-haul flight with sustainable aviation fuel Tuesday. The plane is said to be using petroleum mixed with a synthetic jet fuel derived from waste cooking oils.

The company said the move toward sustainable aviation fuel or SAF is to support the creation of an industry that guarantees increasingly eco-responsible air transport. The jet is flying from Paris to Montreal, with a fuel mixture including 16% of sustainable fuel.

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The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) announced a major upgrade to its Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, that will enable the property to obtain nearly half of its power from solar energy within two years.

Disney and Reedy Creek Improvement District are partnering with local utility companies to develop two new 75 megawatt solar facilities, the company announced Thursday.

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World leaders joined President Joe Biden at the virtual climate summit Friday to share their stories how nations can break free of climate-damaging fossil fuels — from Kenyans leapfrogging from kerosene lamps to geothermal power and Israeli start-ups scrambling to improve battery storage.

“We cannot win this fight against climate change unless we go globally to fight it together,” declared President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta of Kenya.