Justice Deptartment, SEC Seek Information from Snap Over IPO Claims

UPI Top Stories | |

The investigations are based on a class-action lawsuit filed last year.

Why Cryptocurrency Banking Could be Less Taxing in Singapore

David Drake | |

Singapore is lauded as one of the most crypto-friendly countries. Here's why.

Will a Robot Take Your Job?

Visual Capitalist | |

Is your job going the way of the robots? The Future of Jobs Report estimates the changes robotics will bring to the workplace over the next few years.

​3 Must-Follow Digital Transformation Steps for Your Finance Startup

Michael Hadley | |

For executives in every industry, technology is changing the way the modern world does business, and organizations of all sizes are prioritizing digital transformations,

​State Actors Take the Lead In Cybercrime

Guild Investment Management | |

More and more, cybercrime is becoming the purview not of ordinary criminals, but of criminals in uniform.

Will the ICO Visa System make France Europe's Top ICO Destination?

David Drake | |

The French Parliament has adopted an initial coin offering framework as proposed by the country's financial market with the aim of positioning itself to become an ICO hub in Europe.

Amazon to Split Second HQ Between New York, Virginia

Associated Press | |

The online retailer is expected to make an official announcement later Tuesday.

Jeff Kagan: How Apple Painted Themselves Into an iPhone Corner

Jeff Kagan | |

Why is Apple iPhone growth slowing? Why their solution to this problem may be uncomfortable for investors.

What Outcomes will the Recent IMF Announcement Have on Digital Currencies?

David Drake | |

Just recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated that there are possibilities that virtual currencies could 'create new vulnerabilities in the international financial system'.

Is AI the New Electricity?

Guardian Web | |

The idea of AI isn’t new. The algorithms and theories that underpin many current AI systems were first developed in the 1950s.

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