Report: Facebook Shared Private Messages with Partners

Associated Press | |

Facebook gave some companies more extensive access to users' personal data than it has previously revealed, letting them read private messages or see the names of friends without consent.

Data Breach: Implications and consequences

Jacob Maslow | |

​A data breach is capable of causing irreparable disaster through an organization.

The Growth Dynamics of the African Cryptocurrency Market

David Drake | |

African continent is progressively embracing cryptocurrencies. Recently, Luno, a London-based crypto company has set its eyes on potential of Ugandan Crypto market

Jeff Kagan: Verizon Oath Acquiring AOL, Yahoo Never Made Sense

Jeff Kagan | |

Why Verizon Oath acquired AOL and Yahoo when that growth strategy never made sense.

Online Dating is a Multi Billion Dollar Industry, Thanks to Tinder

Jacob Maslow | |

Recent estimates evaluate the online dating market at $12 billion by 2020.

​Choosing Who the Autonomous Car Should Kill

Rodney Johnson | |

For decades, at least, philosophers have struggled with the “trolley problem.”

Will HTC's Blockchain Phone Penetrate the Cryptocurrency Market?

David Drake | |

Exodus 1 HTC phone will run on a decentralized system and is equipped with a 'Social Key Recovery' feature that allows access to funds in the event a private key gets lost.

How to Be Invisible on the Internet

Visual Capitalist | |

​Everywhere you look, concerns are mounting about internet privacy.

​Is Big Brother Listening?

Rodney Johnson | |

We’re inviting Big Brother technology into our homes for our convenience and then pretending we control the data.

Jeff Kagan: What’s Next for Comcast Xfinity Mobile as 5G Approaches

Jeff Kagan | |

As 5G wireless approaches, how will it impact Comcast Xfinity Mobile, Charter Spectrum Mobile, Altice Mobile and the entire cable TV industry?

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