Data Privacy is Gone — Why You Should Care

Wendy Glavin — Glavin's Tech Talk | |

Our personal data is being collected and sold by companies, often without our knowledge. Be aware of what’s at stake.

​Checking in on Graphene and the Materials Revolution

Stephen L Kanaval | |

A twist in two sheets of graphene is one of recent developments to note. Plus, super spider silk.

​This Stock Is America’s 5G “Landlord”— and It Pays a 3.8% Dividend

Stephen McBride | |

The US government recently stamped national priority on the 5G technology. Which means billions of dollars will flow into it in the coming years.

Jeff Kagan: Comparing Galaxy Fold and Mate X Folding Smartphone

Jeff Kagan | |

Let’s take a closer look at these two devices, what’s coming next and why you will care.

Will Facebook Become the World’s Central Bank? | |

Facebook explores its own digital coin and payment system despite serious questions about its future viability from a regulatory perspective.

Can Western Union Inspire Mass Crypto Adoption?

David Drake | |

Western Union could become the first financial services brand to add cryptocurrencies to its international money transfer service.

The Tech Sector is very over-bought...look for some consolidation or short-term profit-taking...

Mark Putrino | |

The Tech Sector is very over-bought...look for some consolidation or short-term profit-taking...

Tremendous Growth in Europe Car Sharing Market up to 2024

Graphical Research | |

Technological advancements, such as penetration of hybrid and electric vehicles, will propel the Europe car sharing market growth.

What You Need to Know about Investing in Healthcare AI

Lu Zhang | |

Healthcare is rich with data, perhaps more so than any other industry, which makes it the perfect opportunity for AI investors.

#SXSW2019: Down with the Hierarchy!

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

Hierarchies are antiquated, and everyone's perspectives matter.


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