After Backlash, Instagram Says 'Swipe-Left' Change Accidental

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A new swipe-left scrolling feature appeared on Instagram Thursday, but the company said it was a mistake and rolled back the change after backlash from users online.

KPMG Backs Crypto Assets, Says Institutional Investment Key to Growth

David Drake | |

KPMG's report stated that institutional investors will likely embrace cryptocurrencies. it's not about big players but the government and industry's move to make institutional Investors hop on board.

Analyzing Nvidia's Massive Run and Collapse (And What It Means for Other Stocks)

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NVDA ran nearly 2000% in five years, before dropping 50% in a few weeks. Here's an explanation and what it could mean for other stocks.

Jeff Kagan: Charter Spectrum Finally Getting Better

Jeff Kagan | |

Charter Spectrum cable TV and digital pay TV service is very good after your home and office wiring and converter boxes are upgraded.

Is the Internet of Things Our Biggest Future Threat? | |

According to a recent report, only 28 percent of those organizations consider their IoT security strategy to be “very important,”

Is AI Good Or Evil?

Maggie Kimberl | |

Is AI good or evil? Only time will tell.

Does Public Trust in Tech Companies Matter in the Near Future?

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Big tech's management of user data is the hot topic of 2018. New scandals hit the headlines daily. The question is - will it have an impact on earnings?

This Stock Will Drive America’s 5G Buildout

Stephen McBride | |

In markets, those who sell the basics get rich.

​The Fate of Tech Giants Depends on This Sector—and It’s One of the Best Investments Today

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If you want to see how a loss of trust can ruin a company, look no further than Facebook.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Data on Facebook?

Associated Press | |

Is there anything users can do to protect their data without walking away from Facebook altogether?

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