Facebook Stock Rises 7% Year-to-Date as Investors Await Earnings Release

Jacob Maslow | |

The company’s stock has fallen over 3% in the past three months, but remains higher than the S&P 500, which has fallen over 5% during the same time span.

Walgreens Brings in Microsoft to Help Improve Care

Associated Press | |

The companies will aim to boost prescription adherence, cut down on emergency room visits and decrease hospital admissions.

​There Goes Tesla’s Tax Break

Rodney Johnson | |

Because Tesla reached the milestone of selling 200,000 electric vehicles in 2018, the tax credit associated with buying a Tesla was cut in half on Jan. 1, and will be gone in early 2020.

Jeff Kagan: Threats and Opportunities as Change-Wave Sweeps In

Jeff Kagan | |

Every company in every industry is facing new threats and new opportunities. To continue to be successful they must do one important thing and they must do it well.

3 Cybersecurity Stocks to Watch in 2019

Jacob Maslow | |

These three cyber security stocks are poised to gain from the trend towards cloud based security.

The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web

Visual Capitalist | |

A lot has changed since Yahoo and AOL were the homepages of choice. Today’s visualization looks at the largest internet giants from 1998 to today.

Remember Virtual Reality? Its Buzz Has Faded at CES 2019

Associated Press | |

Just a few years ago, virtual reality was poised to take over the world. What happened?

Infographic: The Anatomy of a Smart City

Visual Capitalist | |

There is no doubt that the city will be the defining feature of human geography for the 21st century.

We're Techy, Too! Deere, Tide Maker Head to CES Gadget Show

Associated Press | |

What are 181-year-old stalwarts like John Deere and Procter & Gamble doing at the world's largest technology show?

Has Apple Fanned the Flames That a Global Economic Slowdown Has Really Begun? | |

Should you head for the hills? Not according to Jeremy Siegel who tells us 2019 will actually be a good year for equities.

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