Earnings and Acquisition Define Tech Sector Thursday

Brittney Barrett | |

The major indexes continued a four day rally on Thursday, as talk of coordinated central bank action began to relax anxiety surrounding the continued struggles of the European financial sector.

How to Stay With Your Trend

Gordon Scott | |

Anyone who has been trading or investing for a little while quickly comes to this realization: knowing when to exit the trade is just as important as knowing when to get in to a trade.  In truth

NetLogic Acquisition Boosts Tech

Brittney Barrett | |

 Tech stocks began the day absorbing shocks of the broader market, but took a fast turn higher following the announcement that Broadcom Corp. (BRCM) would acquire Silicon Valley chip maker

Tech Stocks Slide on Waning Domestic Demand

Brittney Barrett | |

There was little news to act on during trading on Tuesday. Only a single government report was released for the day, indicating unanticipated improvement in the U.S. services sector in August from

Techs Follow Broader Market Slightly Higher

Brittney Barrett | |

A plunge in consumer spending led investors away from equities today as analysts questioned how American’s will spend alongside slower economic growth. The reports, accompanies by weaker job

Tech Stocks Fall on Anxiety Over Corporate Spending

Brittney Barrett | |

Technology stocks fell today alongside the broader market, as investors await earnings reports from tech bellwethers Dell Inc.(DELL) and Hewlett Packard Co. (HPQ). A three day rally ended in a

Tech Stocks Look Like a Moderate-Risk Buying Opportunity

Brittney Barrett | |

Markets regained a considerable percentage of Monday’s losses in yesterday’s trading. Investors are split on whether or not this represents a new direction for the market or whether the recent

Buying or Shorting Opportunity... or Both?

Mike Turner | |

Earlier in the day, last Friday (before the big meltdown) we put 10% of our money into a 2x short ETF and also put about 10% (in my managed accounts) into long silver positions. Earlier in the

3 Stocks to Snap Up After the Market Stabilizes

Brittney Barrett | |

With the market in free fall and the volatility index indicating high fear levels going into Friday, a buy at this time would seem misguided. As the market stabilizes; however a massive purchasing

Investor Panic Prompts Tech Slump

Brittney Barrett | |

Tech stocks were nearly all in the red today after being pummeled alongside the remainder of the market. The tech-laden Nasdaq fell close to 5 percent into negative territory for the year.

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