Apple Gains on Record Earnings; Tech Absorbs Optimism Surrounding Deficit Slashing Plan

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A solid rally for stocks accelerated into the afternoon on Tuesday marking the fastest gains for many stocks since April, as a bi-partisan group on senators introduced the most viable deficit

3 Tech Stocks that Could be Nearing their Peaks

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The newest brigade of web 2.0 stocks has been causing a stir on Wall Street as investment talking heads continue to debate the existence of a bubble. These stocks; however, are not the only ones

Microchip Companies That Could Survive Earnings

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The earnings season is expected to be brutal for the microchip sector as waning demand for chips in the third quarter discourages investors. Chipmakers fell under even greater scrutiny on Tuesday

3 Stocks to Buy Instead of Apple

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Tech darling, Apple (AAPL) has been making minor gains in trading this week on optimism regarding the sale of their hand-sets, but the company lagged in their second quarteras investors flung

Cisco and China Team Up on Massive Surveillance Project

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Recent tech sector black sheep Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO), seemed to have few prospects in its pipeline for growth, but today’s report that the company is one of several Western technology

Lawsuits in the Tech Sector

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The tech industry has been under fire from the old guard to the new developing IPOs like Pandora, LinkedIn (LNKD) and Twitter. New companies are being deemed overvalued or “in the bubble”

Micron Declines Weighing on Already Sagging Tech Sector

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Micron Technology (MU)led tech stocks lower today after the company reported  weak quarterly earnings on late on Thursday. Shares plummeted and Micron became the S&P 500’s worst-performing

RIM Loses Share Value and Personnel

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Investors have been abandoning BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) in droves, losing more than 20 percent on Friday. The losses continued on Monday, although this time in the personnel

3 Online Stocks For Investors Instead of Groupon

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In spite of the well-publicized and much speculated upon tech bubble, Groupon, the daily discount site, is perhaps the most anticipated IPO of 2011. The $750 million IPO has sparked conversation

Comparing Tech IPOs

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Yesterday, Groupon, the daily coupon site that clogs our collective inbox each morning, with 50 percent off bikini-waxes and fried food, filed for a $750 million IPO. The price tag, as could be

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