​Why Nextdoor’s Unicorn Status Is Actually Depressing

​Why Nextdoor’s Unicorn Status Is Actually Depressing

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Nextdoor is a useful app and also a mirror of our society.

Jeff Kagan: Amazon Risks Brand Damage to Fake Goods, Third-Party Sellers

Jeff Kagan | | is risking damage to its powerful brand because of fake goods sold by some third-party vendors. They must correct this problem before it has a long-term impact on their company and brand.

Dark Days Are Closing in on Apple

Stephen McBride | |

iPhone sales have been shrinking since 2015, and the company can't keep raising prices to compensate.

More Downside Ahead for Semiconductors

Mike Paulenoff | |

SMH investors are in for a rough ride.

Data Privacy is Dead, But We Can Fix It

Wendy Glavin — Glavin's Tech Talk | |

The loss of data privacy happened under our watch — and we can fix it.

Stop Throwing Away Your Broken Phones

Maggie Kimberl | |

Fixing your broken phone is cheaper in the long run.

What Microsoft Has To Teach The Other Tech Leaders

Guild Investment Management | |

In a remarkable return to grace, Microsoft is now the largest US company.

Technology Has Always Driven the Media Industry

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

Technology has consistently enhanced the ability for an advertiser to reach a consumer.

This Dating Tech Company Is Crushing FAANG Stocks

Justin Spittler | |

This company dominates the $12 billion industry.

12 Influential Smart Home Inventions, and Why They Matter

Visual Capitalist | |

​Being influential doesn’t always translate to direct commercial success.


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