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Solid Biosciences: IPO Coming Next Week for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Company

Edward Kim | |

$100 million deal to pursue gene therapy treatment for DMD

​Top Picks 2018: Are Small-Caps the Way to Go?

MoneyShow | |

Here's why small-caps might be an ideal segment of the market to be invested in during 2018.

​How Small-Cap Astronics Builds Growth on High-Margin Electronics

MoneyShow | |

The major players in aerospace/defense straddle more than one sector.

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals (DFFN) Launches Phase 3 Trial for Glioblastoma

Edward Kim | |

Trial in newly diagnosed inoperable patients now open for enrollment

Spark Therapeutics (ONCE) Gets Approval for First Gene Therapy for a Genetic Disease

Edward Kim | |

First gene therapy for a genetic disease and first pharmocologic treatment for an inherited retinal disease.

Denali Therapeutics Raises $250 Million in the Year's Largest Biotech IPO

Edward Kim | |

Clinical pipeline targeting Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and ALS.

Savara Receives $5 Million Award From Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics to Advance MRSA Cure

Edward Kim | |

Award will support Phase III study of AeroVanc, the first inhaled treatment for MRSA in cystic fibrosis .

Sangamo Therapeutics Announces First In Vivo Genome Editing

Edward Kim | |

For the first time, a patient has received a therapy intended to precisely edit his DNA (Image: Gènéthique).

German Biotech InflaRx (IFRX) Raises $100 Million in IPO

Edward Kim | |

Developing treatments for autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases.

SmartMetric (SMME): Biometric Protection Against Credit Card Fraud

Edward Kim | |

Cards secured by built-in fingerprint readers.


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