Small/Micro Cap

First Juicero, Now This

Chris Lahiji | |

The LD Micro Index was flat for the week, while the Nasdaq Composite picked up 1.8%. Both the Russell 2000 and S&P500 were up ~1%.

Warning Shot

Chris Lahiji | |

The DJIA had a good week, relative to everything else. The LD Micro Index, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000 were pummeled, all suffering >2% drops.

4 Undervalued Small Cap Stocks For Value Investors - July 2018

Benjamin Clark | |

There are a number of great companies in the market today. Here are four names for Enterprising investors to look into.

5 Big Reasons to Own These 5 Small-Cap REITs

Brad Thomas | |

Good things come in small packages – REIT investing is no exception.

​Small-Cap Stocks Weakening: Why IWM ETF May Underperform SPY

MoneyShow | |

While small caps have done well thus far this year, they've begun to show some cracks.

Equus Total Return Offers Opportunities in Small-Cap Stocks

Market Bulls | |

Stock markets continue to push higher after the volatile and problematic trading activity earlier this year.

Robo Boogie

Chris Lahiji | |

The Russell 2000 led the race this week, notching up over 1%, All indices were in the green, with the DJIA just barely above break-even.

​7 Factors to Look for in Microcap Investing

Mark Tobin | |

How should investors go about systemically filtering down to a group of microcap stocks that are worthy of further due diligence and research?

The Dividing Line

Chris Lahiji | |

Last week was one of the most glaring examples of the divergence between small-caps and everything else.

The Heat Is On

Chris Lahiji | |

It seemed that the small/micro-cap market was almost as hot as the temperature on both coasts last week.


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