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General Cannabis Doubles Revenue in Q2, Invests in Long-Term Growth

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Medicinal cannabis becomes more accepted with each year that passes and with that growing legitimacy comes a broader marketplace and heightened competition within the industry. General Cannabis

General Cannabis Reports Record Monthly Revenue

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Medicinal marijuana has been steadily gaining acceptance since 1996 when the state of California legalized it for medical use. Since then, more and more states have begun to allow cannabis

IBAgreen Makes Treasure From Trash

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For most Americans, disposing of trash is no more than an afterthought. The hardest part of it may be lugging a garbage bag to the dumpster, dusting off the dirt and be done with it. Very few

General Cannabis Joins OTCQX

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General Cannabis Inc. (CANA) has been moving steadily forward on the new frontier of medicinal cannabis internet services. Beyond their upwards revenue trajectory, acquisitions and personnel

Samaranta Mining's Latest Area Survey Could Shed Light on Gold Potential

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The price of gold has been rocketing and mining companies have been following suit over the course of this month. Gold has reached a new high on anxiety over European debt contagion and the U.S.

18 Consecutive Months of Growth for WeedMaps and Still Expanding

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Should investors be searching for further proof of the robust growth potential of the medicinal marijuana industry, they need only have to direct their attention to Southern California-based

General Cannabis Written Up as a Wall Street Leader in Medicinal Cannabis

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There are many requirements to beginning a successful business that extend beyond the basics of a buyer and a seller, or supply and demand. This is especially true for the arena of medicinal

Samaranta Mining Corp. Optimistic About Exploration at Guadalupe Gold Property

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The demand for gold has sky rocketed in the past few years as shaky currencies are challenging the U.S. and eurozones. The Greek financial crisis, which has reached a temporary resolution, has

General Cannabis Unveils Latest Tool in Medicinal Cannabis Arsenal

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A portion of the people looking to purchase marijuana for medical reasons may remember the first go around involving a beeper or a friend’s basement. That; however, alongside attitudes toward

Corporate Interest in Medical Marijuana Continues to Grow

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It has been a big week so far for medicinal cannabis. Earlier in today, Miracle-Gro announced interest in the medical marijuana market and yesterday, TV host, Montel Williams gave a tour of his


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Blockchain in Fintech - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Financial Market Infrastructure