Small/Micro Cap

It's a Rally

Chris Lahiji | |

Just two weeks into the new year, and micro-cap has rallied 12% from the close of 2018, while the major indices are in the +4-6% range.

Best and Worst Of Q4 2018: Small Cap Growth ETFs and Mutual Funds

Alex Hamilton | |

RFG (Invesco S&P MidCap 400) is the best Small Cap Growth style ETF and VSCRX tops the Small Cap Growth strategies for mutual fund investing.

​Smaller-Cap Companies: Beware the Short Seller!

Ronald Woessner | |

Here's how smaller-cap companies (particularly OTC-traded ones) are getting the “short end of the stick” due to inadequate legal protections against abusive short-selling practices.

Get Back to Work!

Chris Lahiji | |

Micro-cap say the least.

Increasing Your Company’s Stock Trading Liquidity with IR Firms

Ronald Woessner | |

Small-cap companies looking to build sustained, significant trading volumes to attract Wall Street capital should not forget about Main Street investors.

Why Do Investment Analysts Ignore Smaller-Cap Companies?

Ronald Woessner | |

Academic studies have shown that when an analyst initiates coverage on an issuer, its share price increases and its stock trading liquidity increases. This puts small-caps at a major disadvantage.

The Grinch Who Stole Our Returns

Chris Lahiji | |

This is not a joke.

​Harvard Kennedy School's Recommendations to Encourage Companies to Go Public ​

Ronald Woessner | |

Smaller-cap companies with illiquid stocks are incurring the burdens of public company status and receiving NONE of the benefits. So what should be done about it?

The "Disappearing" US Public Company

Ronald Woessner | |

US public company listings decreased over the last two decades by about 46%. It's increased about 48% in other developed countries over a comparable period. What's causing this and what can be done?

Premier Biomedical Expands Distribution Network for CBD / Hemp Oil Pain Relievers

Edward Kim | |

Keep an eye on the 2018 Farm Bill, which may get a vote in Congress next week.


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