​The Challenge of Using Social Media in the Mining Sector

​The Challenge of Using Social Media in the Mining Sector

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Gone are the days when resource companies used newspapers, radio, annual reports, magazine ads, mining relevant magazines and the ubiquitous press releases to ‘get the word out.’ Today everything is social media.

China Seeks Control of Lithium Production Through Mining Deals

Amy Mathews | |

China’s insatiable appetite for minerals and metals is leading the country to look for foreign mining acquisitions so it can guarantee supplies of vital raw materials.

The Base Metal Boom: The Start of a New Bull Market?

Visual Capitalist | |

The fast-growing EV sector, along with rising demand for renewable energy sources, could be the spark that ignites an extended base metal boom.

​Turnaround Time for Gold? Dollar Overbought

MoneyShow | |

The fact that our gold shares did very well this quarter may be trying to tell us the worst is near.

One World Lithium - Largest Lithium Prospect of 2018?

Gary C. Bizzo | |

The need for lithium continues to accelerate, with demand from companies that produce batteries to power electric cars, laptops and other high-tech devices, expected to increase 650% by 2027,.

To Stay Relevant, De Beers Fights Fire With Fire

Andrej Kovacevic | |

​For generations, diamonds have been considered the ultimate luxury item. In the modern era, though, the diamond industry around the world has come to be synonymous with one name – De Beers.

​Why Goldcorp and Barrick Are Still Buys Despite Earnings

MoneyShow | |

At first glance, these miners' earnings reports looked ugly. Upon closer examination, however...

Why Huntsman and Louisiana-Pacific Earn Top Values in Materials Sector

MoneyShow | |

Materials stocks have unusually strong operating momentum, with 12-month earnings per share up an average of 11% and sales up 12%.

Metals and Miners – The Sleeping Giant Trade

Chris Vermeulen | |

Throughout this year, many analysts have focused on the price of Gold, Platinum & Silver markets for insight to the fear levels that exist in the global markets.

Precious Metal Companies with Takeout Appeal

The Gold Report | |

The first quarter saw some high-profile M&A activity in the precious metals sector.

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