Gold and Commodities Set to Soar in 2019

Gold and Commodities Set to Soar in 2019

Frank Holmes | |

Palladium was the best performing commodity for the second year in a row, returning 18.59% in 2018 after ending the previous year up a phenomenal 56.25%.

Cleveland Cliffs Aiming for Double Digits

Elliottwave Forecast | |

Cleveland Cliffs (NYSE:CLF) Showing a bullish 5 swings sequence from 2016 low and aiming for target higher around $16 - $19 area.

The Bull Case for Energy Metals Going into 2019

Visual Capitalist | |

The rapid emergence of the world’s renewable energy sector is helping set the stage for a commodity boom.

Measuring the Level of Competition for Valuable Minerals

Visual Capitalist | |

Which resource markets have healthy levels of competition, and which are more monopolistic? This chart shows the global level of competition for 33 minerals.

Will Miners Save Gold?

Sunshine Profits | |

So if the central bank demand for gold is not able to boost the price, then maybe mines will help? We refer here to the popular narrative that the price of the yellow metal cannot decline below its...

John Hathaway: Things Look Very Bullish For Gold Mining Stocks

Adam Taggart | |

Since gold topped out in 2011, the precious metals mining sector has been where investor capital goes to die. But the long winter of abuse could be over.

​Conscious Mining? These Companies Show That It’s Possible

J. Frank Sigerson | |

Some junior mining companies in Australia is showing us how you can be both profitable and socially conscious.

This Most-Hated Stock Could Return You 140% in Just a Few Months

Stephen McBride | |

There’s always a point where all investors interested in selling a stock have sold it. When this happens, the supply of sellers has been “exhausted.”

This Small Gold Streamer Expects to More Than Double Production

Lyn Alden | |

Sandstorm Gold Royalty has zero debt and a long potential runway of growth over the next five years.

Metals Moving In Unison For a Massive Price Advance: Part I

Chris Vermeulen | |

Are the metals markets ending a price correction in unison and preparing for a massive price advance? This is the question we asked our research team to investigate and their findings may help skilled traders identify great opportunities in the future.