Biotech's Cancer Investing Highlights: October 1-5

Zachary Hartman | |

Highlights from the week in cancer research that may be important for investors in the biotech space

Osmotica Pharmaceuticals' $125 Million IPO Expected Next Week

Edward Kim | |

$246 million in revenue in 2017 from specialty neurology, women's health and generics. Phase 3 in MS and droopy eyelid (Image: Osmotica Pharmaceuticals).

Is DaVita Inc. (DVA) a Good Buy for Value Investors?

Alex Hamilton | |

Davita is a good stock to keep an eye on.

The Amazonification of Healthcare

Visual Capitalist | |

The healthcare industry is being transformed, unlocking a completely new patient experience that some are calling the ‘Amazonification’ of healthcare.

Drug Prices Keep Going up Despite Trump Pressure

Associated Press | |

An Associated Press analysis of brand-name prescription drug prices shows it's mostly been business as usual for drugmakers since Trump took office.

Overshadowed by Recreational Cannabis Hype, Medicinal Marijuana is Making Major Strides

Gary C. Bizzo | |

The future of medicinal cannabis is aiming to empower doctors and patients through tapping into new treatments and medical benefits.

Flu Shots: A Pinch in the Arm, but Not Always in Your Wallet

Associated Press | |

Health officials recommend that nearly all Americans get flu vaccinations to blunt the impact of a disease that annually infects millions.

The Best Sector to Hedge Against a Strong Dollar

Robert Ross | |

​The surging US dollar is rocking world markets.

What Is Amazon's Next Big Business Move?

Brian O'Connell | |

Analysts in healthcare technology already note the far-reaching implications of an Amazon pharmaceutical operation.

Endotronix Closes $45 Million Series D Round for Heart Failure Monitoring Solutions

Edward Kim | |

Heart data transmitted to the clinician for timely heart failure monitoring and management (Image: Endotronix).

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