Biotech Stocks Sharply Rise, Fall

Joel Anderson | |

Several biotechnology stocks moved sharply upwards today with good news ranging from strong earnings reports to beneficial court rulings helping to drive buying activity despite a down day for

3 Trending Biotechs

Brittney Barrett | |

Stocks trading in biotech have been hard hit during the economic volatility. Compounding a tenuous market with inherently risky stocks does not appeal to all investors but biotech bulls may want

Merck Offers Strong Yields

Brittney Barrett | |

The on-going volatility in the market, the result of continued concerns over global economic slowing has driven many investors out of biotech. With a built-in risk factor, even the best biotechs

New Oncology Drug Makes Bayer Look Like a Buy

Brittney Barrett | |

With the economy on the edge of a cliff and the imminent danger of European debt contagion, investors actively engaged in the market right now have already exhibited their willingness to consider

Is Human Genome Worth Biting?

Brittney Barrett | |

Shares of Human Genome Sciences (HGSI) have ascended 14 percent today in morning trading in advance of an investor presentation at the UBS Global Life Sciences Conference scheduled for the late

Is Pfizer a Good Bet in Biotech?

Brittney Barrett | |

The recent pullbacks have seen investors abandoning biotechs in droves. The dual risk of a weak market and a share price often dependent on the result of unpredictable tests and trials proved too

3 Medical Device Stocks to Play in a Recession

Brittney Barrett | |

Investors are presented with a range of possibilities for pursuing the volatile market. There’s the option of snapping up bargain buys for the long-term, which should we enter another recession,

Biotechs Recover from Lows

Brittney Barrett | |

The biotech sector has been taking a beating during the volatility this week as investors sell-off assets for fear of compounding the risk factors of the choppy market and the characteristically

Insurers and Elderly Care Providers Plummet on Spending Cuts

Brittney Barrett | |

The major reductions in Medicare payments to nursing home operators and lingering concerning concerns surrounding the liberal Medicaid cuts led healthcare stocks lower today. Especially hard-hit

Vertex Led Higher by Hepatitis C Drug

Brittney Barrett | |

Biotech investors had no shortage of options to consider for making a play on a Hepatitis C drug this year. Four different pharmaceutical companies had treatments in the works prompting heated

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