Crude Oil Possibly Setting Up For A Big Downside Move

Chris Vermeulen | |

Our research team has identified a potential major price rotation setup in Crude Oil that may be one of the biggest opportunities for traders in a long while.

​Schlumberger: Strong Buy for Aggressive Growth in Oilfield Service

MoneyShow | |

Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield service company.

​Trade Idea: Buy Short-Term Options on Energy Transfer Partners (ETP)

MoneyShow | |

Natural gas name Energy Transfer Partners has been choppy on the charts in 2018.

​Amid Tariffs, Will the Sun Rise for First Solar?

MoneyShow | |

First Solar and many other solar stocks, are among the latest casualties of the Trump administration.

​How Marathon Oil Rebuilds a Dramatic Turnaround

MoneyShow | |

Marathon Oil has been divesting many of its international operations over the past three years, to focus on growing output from US onshore/shale basins.

OPEC Enters Meeting That Could Set Direction of Oil Prices

Associated Press | |

Officials from major oil-producing nations are expected to agree this week to boost output, but just how much they will open the spigot — and the effect on oil prices — remain wild cards.

Natural Gas Setup for 32% Move in UGAZ Fund

Chris Vermeulen | |

As we all know a picture says 1000 words, which is one of the reasons why I gravitated to trading using technical analysis.

​Anadarko Petroleum: A Hot Oil Stock with Cheap Call Options

MoneyShow | |

Shares of Anadarko have rallied about 33% YTD.

Oil Targeting $58 ppb Before Finding Support

Chris Vermeulen | |

As long as the $60.00 ppb is not breached, the Monthly Fibonacci price modeling system trend is “Bullish” and a move to below $58.00 would change the trend to “Bearish”.

​Geothermal Energy Powers Ormat

MoneyShow | |

Ormat world’s largest producer of the most efficient form of geothermal energy, geothermal energy produced in “binary cycle” power plants.

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