Solar is Becoming the Go-To Renewable Energy

Marvin Dumont | |

The economics of solar energy has changed, making it less costly for homeowners and building managers to install energy-efficient panels.

Bringing Solar Home: Sustainable Energy Companies Soar Towards Mass Adoption

Desireé Duffy | |

In the solar space, policymakers and sustainable advocates seem to be orbiting in circles. But a solar gold rush is upon us. Are you ready for it?

Will Oil Follow Historical Patterns?

Chris Vermeulen | |

Very interested in Oil recently as the current rally appears to have rotated lower near a top.

West Texas an 'Extraction Colony' as Oil, Gas Exports Surge

Associated Press | |

What's happening is unprecedented.

Visualizing the Rise of the Electric Vehicle

Visual Capitalist | |

Electric vehicle sales will surpass those of traditional vehicles in 2038, and the global EV fleet will hit 1 billion vehicles by the year 2047.

We Could See $100 Oil Again Soon, But Not for the Reason You Think

Frank Holmes | |

Not only are traders betting on a return to these prices, but banks are also baking it into their forecasts.

Blockchain Based Smart Power Grids Could Give Power to the People

Maggie Kimberl | |

In the near future blockchain technologies could be used to design a smart power grid that could give people the option to choose the source of their energy.

Crude Oil Prices up as Analysts Warn of $100 per Barrel Potential

UPI Top Stories | |

Brent crude oil prices could top $100 a barrel as markets react to U.S. sanctions on Iran this November, an energy expert said.

SunPower: Restructuring Creates Opportunity Here

Lyn Alden | |

SunPower's restructuring is cleaning up the balance sheet, streamlining the business, and focusing the company on its core competencies and higher-margin segments.

Looming Trade Wars Could Cause Spike in Oil Prices

UPI Top Stories | |

Oil prices stayed steady through the summer months but could have some rocky days ahead as global inventories continue to fall and the trade standoff between the United States and Iran intensifies.

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