Oil May Be Setup For A Move Back $50

Chris Vermeulen | |

US Gasoline prices have shot up 15% to 30% or more over the past 4 weeks as the Summer Blend hits the markets and consumers continue to stay shocked at the increase. In California, prices shot up from near $3 per gallon to over $4 a gallon over a 7-day sp

LATAM Clean Energy Market - Where are the Opportunities?

Craig Dempsey | |

Latin America has the capacity to produce significantly more renewable energy than it requires.

Climate Smart Mining: Minerals for Climate Action

Visual Capitalist | |

Renewable tech is creating a huge demand for minerals.

$1 Billion on Public Relations For Energy Giants

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

The five largest publicly listed oil and gas majors have spent $1 billion since the 2015 Paris climate deal

Radio Talk Show - Gold the Place to Be in 45-90 Days

Chris Vermeulen | |

He thinks it could be a considerable decline, which he welcomes, as it would provide confirmation to his theory. His other big play is NatGas – a/k/a the Widowmaker – as it a 2.55 low, a point from which it quite often rallies.

Clean Energy Tech (CETY) Spiking +200% After CEO Letter to Shareholders

Steve Kanaval | |

I think yesterday was a squeeze, combined with a real buyer, no matter how you slice this trade, a large investor bought more than $250k. This new entrant is what has the day traders here buzzing.

​This Company is Ready for the Expansion of the Microgrid

Stephen L Kanaval | |

CleanSpark Inc. is building and managing microgrids for big names across the country.

A Trading Strategy and Economic Barometer

Chris Vermeulen | |

I share my thoughts on the set up in natural gas and crude oil. Short-term opportunities are present but Chris outlines a longer-term picture that is more bearish.

Will Oil Find Support Above $50?

Chris Vermeulen | |

Recent global news regarding Venezuela, China, and global oil supply/production have resulted in the price of Oil pausing over the past few weeks near $53 to $55 ppb. We believe the continued supply glut and uncertainty will result in oil prices falling,

The Bull Case for Energy Metals Going into 2019

Visual Capitalist | |

The rapid emergence of the world’s renewable energy sector is helping set the stage for a commodity boom.

Blockchain in Fintech - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Financial Market Infrastructure


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